Fukumenkei Noise: Episode 11 Review

About Fukumenkei Noise          Originally I was planning on writing a full episode guide for Fukumenkei Noise that I wrote about last April to help boost its promotions, however I felt that there was so much workload involving analyzing the story from the characters point of view, that I decided to scrape offContinue reading “Fukumenkei Noise: Episode 11 Review”

Shall We Date? Lost Alice Game Review

Hi everyone!   Today, I will be featuring a rare game review. It’s not something that you’d see me play or feature. So, I do hope I’ll be able to write a fairly informative post. Now then! Today’s featured game is this Otome game called Shall We Date? Lost Alice . If you’re new to theContinue reading “Shall We Date? Lost Alice Game Review”

Top Links to Write, Read & Review

So we are now compiling our best finds online and recommending it to you. The list will be updated every year or month– (*cough* depending on our hauls and finds over the internet). here are our first list of the top site recommendations and we may write a follow-up review about why we recommend itContinue reading “Top Links to Write, Read & Review”