Writing between crossroads

Finally!  I was able to finish sorting out my categories and tags. It took awhile but, I managed to really make sure my seo was in check. Then again, that isn’t really the topic for today isn’t it? I just thought you might wanted to know the cause for the long pause from my updates.Continue reading “Writing between crossroads”

On notes about: Early Morning Musings

No pictures or images to add– this is just me sharing something on a whim. I thought of adding something to spice up the update but then decided to focus on what I truly wanted to share as of this moment. After ending a short cliff-hanger on that novel version of the story and wrappingContinue reading “On notes about: Early Morning Musings”

On Notes about: Creative Pursuits

“Practice makes perfect.”  A painfully annoying quote to read– I don’t think it should be noted at all. Then again, I suppose this is just me thinking way too far into the context. However, if you would stop for a minute and think about why I would consider it to be immensely disgusting is because–Continue reading “On Notes about: Creative Pursuits”