Musings of the Undervalued

Ever wondered how government employees feel? well, not really just them but to everyone who serves anyone in particular in honor of true Customer Service. Read through K.Ken Cua’s musings and who knows, you might find yourself saying the same thing. Cheers and enjoy! p.s don’t forget to leave a like or share it toContinue reading “Musings of the Undervalued”

Taiyaki from Japan…now available in the Philippines!

Between Rain and Food Quest Hunting. I’ve decided to literally press and share this post. If you’re from the Philippines and currently looking for awesome Japanese Treats. Well, you might want to check out this article and see if it’s one of those yummy japanese treats you’ve been waiting almost all of your life toContinue reading “Taiyaki from Japan…now available in the Philippines!” Finally Making it to the Team

A post worth the share. I know am not always with this amazing person that am sharing to all of you right now. However, that fact will never be a reason for me to not share her achievements. A wonderful source of inspiration to young budding writers/authors and artist out there. Check out Pau @Continue reading “ Finally Making it to the Team”