The Blog Starter Gpicks Guide

Hello! Welcome to Gpicks, I do hope you enjoy what you will find and read from my private space. Recently, I have received private messages from various people asking: "How do you blog?" or "How can I blog?" At first, I was merely responding to these messages because I simply felt like helping them start their … Continue reading The Blog Starter Gpicks Guide

Top Links to Write, Read & Review

So we are now compiling our best finds online and recommending it to you. The list will be updated every year or month-- (*cough* depending on our hauls and finds over the internet). here are our first list of the top site recommendations and we may write a follow-up review about why we recommend it … Continue reading Top Links to Write, Read & Review

This Is Perhaps My Favorite Writing Tip to Share

First of all, I'm thanking adoptingjames for this amazing read. I loved how the tone of voice was written, and I think I can learn a great deal from what he has written. So, If you're a blogger, a writer or even though you haven't decided yet. Check this reblogged entry from adopting james! I … Continue reading This Is Perhaps My Favorite Writing Tip to Share


photo courtesy from The Garden of Words Disclaimer: The said photo above is not owned by Gpicks and that there is no copyright infringement intended. Do you love to write about everything under the sun? Do you like to share your photos, quickie quirky quotes and the likes online? Have something great to share to … Continue reading TIPS TO RALLY UP READERS