The Blog Starter Gpicks Guide

Hello! Welcome to Gpicks, I do hope you enjoy what you will find and read from my private space. Recently, I have received private messages from various people asking: “How do you blog?” or “How can I blog?” At first, I was merely responding to these messages because I simply felt like helping them start theirContinue reading “The Blog Starter Gpicks Guide”

Top Links to Write, Read & Review

So we are now compiling our best finds online and recommending it to you. The list will be updated every year or month– (*cough* depending on our hauls and finds over the internet). here are our first list of the top site recommendations and we may write a follow-up review about why we recommend itContinue reading “Top Links to Write, Read & Review”

This Is Perhaps My Favorite Writing Tip to Share

First of all, I’m thanking adoptingjames for this amazing read. I loved how the tone of voice was written, and I think I can learn a great deal from what he has written. So, If you’re a blogger, a writer or even though you haven’t decided yet. Check this reblogged entry from adopting james! IContinue reading “This Is Perhaps My Favorite Writing Tip to Share”