On Mutual Grounds: Respect

Life isn't fair. A phrase we often read, hear and far often given as unsolicited advice from random people whom to claim to understand what is fair and not. Frankly, I don't encourage the phrase as an advice at all. My reasons would be is that because life is complex to grasp in many ways … Continue reading On Mutual Grounds: Respect

The Blog Starter Gpicks Guide

Hello! Welcome to Gpicks, I do hope you enjoy what you will find and read from my private space. Recently, I have received private messages from various people asking: "How do you blog?" or "How can I blog?" At first, I was merely responding to these messages because I simply felt like helping them start their … Continue reading The Blog Starter Gpicks Guide

On Coffee, Smokes & Writing-Closer

At long last, I've found a way to struggle back into writing. How are you guys doing so far? -- Don't worry, you don't need to talk to me about anything specific. I'm not here to force you to share me everything, just thought of asking the question to call your attention at the very … Continue reading On Coffee, Smokes & Writing-Closer

Writing and Staying True

Hi, if you're reading this right now then you might be one of the few people waiting for my stand alone release of my novel Velvet Valentine in Mirrored Hearts. I'm not yet ready to reveal anything further than the snippets you've read from the #JustWritePH-for Love bundle (but if you're one of the lucky winners of … Continue reading Writing and Staying True

Lost at twenties: A July Bullet Advice

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugkK6_XmsaQ How are you today? Are you still keeping up with yourself? Life may be complicated when we think too much about it. So when you can.... try to breathe a little. here's a song that you might like so am sharing this today with you. Welcome to Gpicks my friend and as a way to … Continue reading Lost at twenties: A July Bullet Advice