Game Review & Update: Genshin Impact 1.5

A day before the official game update commence, and here I am digging up more information that I can find to share about Genshin Impact. Then again, what is there left to share that has not yet been written? since the game was first released in September 28, 2020. The community of players growing hasContinue reading “Game Review & Update: Genshin Impact 1.5”

Game Review: Machinarium -GamePlay

As promised. Here is one of my year ender post for game play review, and some insights. Note: I apologize for not including screenshots, please allow the official trailer from Amanita Games to compensate instead. Game Plot: O’kay! So to make the long story short– basically the game itself is about a robot that wasContinue reading “Game Review: Machinarium -GamePlay”