My team’s work at #MIBF

My schedule’s locked and I’ve got everything set up, but still– it’s always a LONG way to go each time. Regardless of the hurdles ahead, I’m prepared to boost the signals to the next level. Alright, so here goes nothing guys! While, I’ve flooded you with events and grateful messages of thanks! Here’s what’s beenContinue reading “My team’s work at #MIBF”

My Birthday Treat: Free eBook When Fate Speaks Big Time

Hey guys! I’m already way behind schedule and with a ton of reviews to post, and stories to read– looks like the my astronomical stars was right all along. but, before I forget. Here’s a major announcement coming from Author Racquel Sarah with her FREE eBook Gift to all of you! Please check out herContinue reading “My Birthday Treat: Free eBook When Fate Speaks Big Time”

Velvet Valentine: Mirrored Hearts

♠Velvet Valentine: Mirrored Hearts♥ Elizabeth Mariana Hernandez Cruz is a freshmen in St. Agnes Integrated School has only one agenda; to live the life she always dreamed about in school. She grew up from a small town and studied in a small sectional school until now. As soon as stepping into high school, she vowed thatContinue reading “Velvet Valentine: Mirrored Hearts”

Gaming Morality A Student Documentary Feature

Are you looking for a video documentary about Gaming Morality? If yes, then you’re just in luck. Read through the entry & hope it helps you along the way.     I’ve got this awesome documentary made by a group of college professionals featuring the pressing issues of gaming morality and the effects that itContinue reading “Gaming Morality A Student Documentary Feature”