#Covid19 MakatiQuarantine Day21

It’s 3:00 Pm in the afternoon of April 6th 2020, currently here at the lobby of Z Hostel, listening to Good Charlotte’s “I just wanna Live” playing on my playlist over spotify.

The lyrics, pretty much describe the situation we’re all in right now.

I need an alarm system in my house
So I know when people are creepin’ about
These people are freakin’ me out (these days)
It’s getting hectic everywhere that I go
They won’t leave me alone
There’s things they all want to know
I’m paranoid of all the people I meet
Why are they talking to me?
And why can’t anyone see?

 © I just Want to live by Good charlotte
@ Z Hostel accomodation while we wait out for further announcements with regards to #Covid19 from the Locked down to quarantine.

As promised, I said I would write more about my days during this whole quarantine is going on, and frankly I’m not sure where to exactly start. So, I’ll probably begin from our day 1 from March 17, since that was the day where it all began. At the night of our shift, our company and my collegues who were still able to come to work were monitoring the news. As the finalization of the announcement took place, it was fortunate that at roughly 4 or 5:00 am in, we were told to log off from our stations as the companies were given more or less than 24 hours to book temporary accomodations and transportation for their employees.

While, I am grateful for the time, resources and enegry that was invested just to keep the businesses going– one would still think about the health risk that it has for those who are continiuously work during this troubled times. Regardless of its notion, I think it is best to share it on a different post.

Meanwhile, here’s Poblacion during this time of quarantine. What was once a busy and buzzling streets for tourist and locals alike, now look like a deserted town, where only the locals who are currently the true residents live in this space

While, everyone is inside, and keeping their word to sta inside their homes. I decided to uncancel my Netflix account and managed to follow through my watch list.

Not to mention, I got to experience movie night w/ my collegues at the hostel cafe, while of course practicing social distancing.


And since, surely we couldn’t just all stay at home. It’s been a refreshing help that one of the in-house project specialist for entertainment of sorts, decide to conduct a yoga class at the roof top of the hostel. While not everyone was keen on the idea itself, since it meant stretching and going under the sunny part of the building, it was still a worth while scenario watching the sun-set after yoga and meditation.

of course, the staff also prepared a healthy buffet last week. The aroz caldo, banana and wheat bread was spectacular.

Although there were days that I still had to rely on noodles to get by. It was still a fun experience, as I was able to try out this japanese nissin cup noodles.

welp! there goes my log for the past two weeks long quarantine. There are some details that I could not share just about now, but I promise. When all of this is over. I’ll definitely share my thoughts without any fear of people getting involved or businesses getting closed.

#Covid19 Makati LockedDown Day11

Honestly, this really more of a late update. I think I started watching the series last week and ended it in a rush, basically this was the only show that was strong enough to null the anxiety over.

I mean Riverdale and Sabrina are still in the waiting list for new episodes and I just needed something different and unique to quench my thirst. People like me thrive in the uniqueness and individuality of certain shows and art. I mean, the techniques on how it was shot, actors and the storyline has to be insanely interesting. It should be somehow look like its predictable but not. And that is why, it took me awhile to find one. I think, I found Kingdom on the 4rth or 5th day of the implementation of the quarantine (which was only my second or third day here at Z Hostle).

During this time, there were a lot of Military, Police and Barangay officials roaming around Makati (particularly in Makati Avenue and Poblacion area). It was somewhat scary to go out, because even though we had our permits to work out of the house, because of our occupation, I was more afraid of the government officials rather than just the sickness alone.

I mean, evil is around us. As much as I would like to completely believe in the kindness of humanity, there was just an inner voice whispering (probably fear) telling me about how people turn into happ-trigger assholes.

which was perfect to describe quiet a few of the characters featured in the currently hit, korean tv series entitled: Kingdom

I know I was suppose to share to you more about the show, but I figured there would be more to share in the following days anyway. so here’s the gist that I’ve got to share.

“A HISTORICAL-EPIC which entails of a handsome yet, cowardly prince, together with an aspiring and beautiful doctor, an assasin who’s known as tiger (known to be natural born survivors) and a wimpy lord embark on a journey to find their destined roles amidst the impending doom that the dead bring as they rise.”

if that doesn’t hook you up. Perhaps clicking the name of the series link would interest you. A trailer and synopsis is provided by asianwiki would suffice.

in the meantime, I’ll see you all soon.

updating soon.

#Covid19 Makati LockedDown Day10

It’s the 2nd week of the locked down. I’ve decided to update my late post and do it now. So far… I think I’ve spent almost Php 5,000 on food, clothing, basic necessity while I’m away from home. While the company did take care of our temporary lodging and transportation.

It was unavoidable that I had to purchase new clothes around Makati because I only managed to bring in a few and there was no way for me to get back home. Not to mention the last news I’ve been update was from #DOH update last March 20th.

If any of you can link me up with the latest updates, that would be great. I’m sorry if I’m sorry if what I have to share isn’t nowhere near tick tock. I just think that, people talk less about their feelings or the way they see things nowadays. Even when you’re stuck at home, you still refuse to share the way you feel about the world.

so, I’ve decided to talk about how I’ve been coping w/ the lock down– till up to date.

#Covid19 Makati Locked Down Day 8

Greetings from the Philippines,

My name is Magsi Rover, creative writer, author and sales representative for an international company. I won’t be able to state what account I am in, but I am able to share to you what I do. We reconnect cable tv services, and to be, I think this may not reflect as important to most people who would hear the nature of our business. However, to those who would understand the importance of our job as of the moment, I want to thank all of the people who have been with me and kept our operations going.

Right now, we are the one of the few services that are able to keep the sanity of our fellow- country men living in the united states and as well as their people.

I am one of the few frontliners of our account, who is doing our best to keep the business afloat. Although it has been a hazard and risk, it has its own merits to be able to work in this set-up. While the rest of society and some employee’s may have complained about how the company has handled the situation. I just wanted to voice out that perhaps, it is time to thank our companies that were indeed at the very least able to adhere to the best of their abilities.

In this trying times, we should be grateful that we are fortunate enough that we have a company to complain to. I mean, while the rest of the world, and our fellow citizen await for support and help from the government. I wonder if has anyone of you thought about the number of people waiting for their response, support and updates?

if our operations were affected, don’t you thin their’s has been too? not everyone has the same level of love for their jobs and the country.

whether it is the Philippines or not. I think it is a time for all of us to work together, understand better, and while it is disappointing to hear that people with power and resource are able to grab special privilidges. I can’t help but think that it also has its own merits.

If they are not healthy, how will they be able to support the rest of the nation?

I am not speaking my mind out of selfish views. It’s me expressing my views, trying to grasp the things that is currently happening at the moment.

right now. until this whole pandemic is over, I would like to request everyone to join the fight by staying in doors. reflect your opinions without prejudice, and focus on adapting.

We will settle the score and the problems that we all have in our countries, once all of this chaos is over.

I urge you all to write in your journals.

I know how modern the times have become, however, I truly do not think it would be a wise decision to just merely post it online.

as of the moment, if it is power we are in battle with, they have the capability to erase our comments, null out our voices and may thrive in our fear of contacting the disease. we may lose sight of what is important.

so please, write down your experiences and observation.

and if you wish to share snippets of your ideas and stories on facebook or on any social media account. I urge you to use this hash tag: #WritingInQuarantine #QuarantineDay(number of day) #QuarantineObservation #People #Government

this way, we would be able to locate and see the changes the world is going through while this whole ordeal is happening.

in the meantime, I would like to apologize for voicing out my opinion only now. It took me a week and a half to wrap my head about what’s been going on and adjust to what I must do.

and now that I have grasp it, I’ve realize what is truly important.

our LIVES and the TRUTH that needs to be shared to all of us.

Adding this info too:

If you’re wondering how to do it, here’s a sample you can try.

Example: Hi Guys! My name is (insert name here) and to all of my friends right now. Our family is doing well, no one is sick, but we’re going a bit crazy. catching cabin fever, probably boredom. The local barangay just brought in our ration of food, so far its been peaceful. How about all of you? #WritingInQuarantine #QuarantineDay8 #QuarantineObservation #People #Government

more updates coming soon.

Yakusoku No neverland

It’s the third week of February and just like that– valentines day breeze through most of us.And if I were to share what I’ve been up to thus far, I wouldn’t talk about romance in reality at all.

Recently, I’ve found myself resting at home most of the time, due to health reasons, which leaves me to having more time for my reading and watching my favorite shows online.

I want to start with my first awesome find for the year, which is also my special feature for for this post.


Plot: Set in the year 2045, Emma is an 11-year-old orphan living in Grace Field House, a self-contained orphanage housing her and 37 other orphans. Life has never been better: with gourmet food; plush beds; clean clothes; games; and the love of their “Mama”, the caretaker, Isabella. The bright and cheerful Emma always aces the regular exams with her two best friends Ray and Norman. The orphans are allowed complete freedom, except to venture beyond the grounds or the gate, which connects the house to the outside world.

One night, an orphan named Conny is sent away to be adopted, but Emma and Norman follow after noticing that she left her stuffed toy, Little Bunny, back at the house. At the gate, they find Conny dead, and they realize the truth of their existence in this idyllic orphanage—to be “humanely” raised, eventually butchered, and sold as meat to a “higher” species which were identified as “demons” throughout the series. Determined to break out of Grace Field House, Norman and Emma join with Ray to find a way to escape along with their other siblings.

source: Wikipedia

Review: While some viewers and readers of the manga may find the story stereotypical or shallow, I would like to beg to disagree. After reading through the latest updates from the manga, I can definitely say that there’s a whole lot more going on than what we see from the anime itself. Right now, since I have not read the current updates, we are yet to see the latest development for the manga. While we wait for season 2′s release this year.

But, I daresay, give it a shot. You might just find yourself rooting for Emma all the way. Not to mention the awesome soundtrack to boot. Sorry readers, I’m not going to drop in some spoilers. Perhaps when I get to see season 2. I just might.

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