Game Review & Update: Genshin Impact 1.5

Genshin Impact[a] is an action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. The game features an open-world environment and action-based battle system using elemental magic and character-switching, and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

A day before the official game update commence, and here I am digging up more information that I can find to share about Genshin Impact. Then again, what is there left to share that has not yet been written? since the game was first released in September 28, 2020. The community of players growing has been increasing on a daily to monthly basis. A feat in which, as a gamer am happy to hear about. Simply because it means that, there would be more exposure, funds as well as development for the game to further expand.

Today, I’m here to share you my experience as well as review:

Reading and watching blog and vlog reviews about Genshin Impact has given me a lot of ideas on how the game would work for me, as well as what I would like to find out the game itself. While I’ve not been a dedicated gamer , as so others would speak, I can definitely say that there is definitely more to Genshin Impact than a mere imitation of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that other gamers say. I say, Genshin Impact definitely brings a different flavor into the gaming realm, which clearly shows not just through its stories but, also the game play as presentation.

Now, I’m not planning to write a whole essay review. Instead, I’ll be sharing you my main DPS from the game and bring you into a brief preview of why I started playing again.

Meet Xinyan she’s a pyro playable character and is best friends with Xiangling

to be honest, not many players would actually recommend playing her as DPS, particularly because she struggles more to be a main, since she doesn’t appear often in wish pulls, and her C1 and C2 (meaning number of xinyan’s you get in a wish) is the only time you can truly appreciate her strength. However, to me– I’ve chosen Xinyan simply for three main reasons. I love claymore characters, but I can’t deny the fact that am also attracted to catalyst characters. Which allows me to express it through Xinyan. apart from this, I feel an attraction to her, probably because she loves Rock’n’Roll music. Making her a very interesting and fun playable character as you read through the stories in the game.

Xinyan’s Burst attack

Interchangeable with Xinyan is Ganyu whom I luckily was able to pull during my 1st or 2nd month of playing Genshin Impct.

A cryo type playable character, who’s incredibly as strong as Noelle herself. Now, I won’t be showing you more, except for these teasers. If you find yourself interested at the end of this post, then please don’t hesitate to add me and let’s play whenever!

Now, since almost all bloggers have already shred their image or artifacts, I think it would be great if I can also share you what else made me even more interested in the game.

One of the best qualities in the game is the amazing cinematic vibe which makes anyone playing Genshin Impact admire the ever changing time, date and weather in the game.

The magnificent Sun Set to Sun Rise in Liyue to Monstadt.

playing with friends and slowly connecting with to them like an online family through game co-op.


Nalalapit na ang pasko.

Trahedya ang bumati sa tahanan ng mga #Gregorio

Hindi ako makapaniwala sa nasaksihan ko.

Hindi ako makapaniwala sa mga balita na naririnig ko.

Ang mga komento ukol sa mga pangyayaring kailan man ay di magiging katangap tangap bilang isang TAO

NASAAN ang BATAS na ipinangkong magiging ligtas ang ating bayan mula sa mga MAPANGAHAS









Hanngang kailan natin hihintayin na magkaisa muli ang ating Bayan.

Walang Mahirap o Mayaman.

Tanging Pag-ibig at pagkakaisa ang nais makamtan.

Please see links in referrence to the recent incident that happened last December 20th via Philippine Star

Supporting an article written by Sir TEDDY CASIÑO: Why not Abolish the PNP?

Riding in the City

“When I’m riding my motorcycle, I’m glad to be alive. When I stop riding my motorcycle, I’m glad to be alive.”- Neil Peart

A year ago, I would have not taken the value of these words as much as I do now. I mean, I know what this quote means– and why it was said. However, to be honest with you all, I never felt the need to feel anything for life– up to this day.

It was because of the unreasonable transportation scheme that was set in Metro Manila that lead me to this resolve. Purchasing my own Stand-up Scooter.

courtesy of Stand-Up scooter Philippines

The group on Facebook where I met the owner of this second hand stand-up scooter.

Meet Frank. Yeah, he looks like a frank to me. 😀 short for Frankenstein

The ride doesn’t feel very similar to a motorcycle but the repercussions pretty much are all the same. You ride and you take it seriously. So far, I can do it without a Driver’s license. But, to be honest with you– I feel like it would make a world of a difference if I actually have one.

I’m thinking about upgrading into a motorcycle when I finally feel ready and used to the driving. so far, it’s been exhausting learning my way around the city. While some individuals find it easier to learn driving cars in their early to mid-20’s. I’m a different case.

There are times that I learn fast and then, at times I learn really slow. It takes me awhile to get used to something.

but, in the end, I always find the way.

Lucifer (TV series)

Lucifer Morningstar has decided he’s had enough of being the dutiful servant in Hell and decides to spend some time on Earth to better understand humanity. He settles in Los Angeles – the City of Angels.Imdb

I may be late in the game, but as they say– it’s never too late to enjoy a good story. Especially with the likes of Lucifer (Tv Series). Packed with a very intriguing plot mounted with a bountiful talented cast. Who’s to say that the Devil was not behind this entire production?

As many of you may have already heard about Fox cancelling Lucifer, it’s music to my ears to hear that Netflix will be airing season 6 and perhaps according to digitalspy might be the last and final season to close this cleverly written series.

While I’m not one for biblical based plots, this was certainly a refreshing sight to behold. Interestingly, despite it’s sexy and mature adult content. The show’s dark humor fits in perfect contrast to the morals of man vs man and some of the philosophical view points of today’s society.

yet, we all know we’re just really here for the ride while we enjoy the dashing Tom Ellis in his role as Lucifer Morningstar.

stay tuned on Netflix and watch out for one of the most awaited series. Let’s all cross fingers and hope that this will definitely come into if not a spectacular ending, at the very least justifiable one.

*cough* hopefully nothing anticlimactic like *cough* game of thrones.

#Nanowrimo2020: Unplugged

It’s been a long time since I last wrote about writing. Ironically, this is something I struggle to do on a monthly basis, just to make sure my blog has content. It can and has been taxing most of the time, and honestly sometimes I don’t even have any idea why I still write and update my blog. Although, admittedly– this has been my only safe haven over the world wide web where I get to publish my thoughts and support my artist and writer friends.

This year, I’m hoping to get back to my roots in writing. Since 2020 has not been such a fabulous year for all of us, I’ve decided to unplugged myself from #Facebook. While I figure out where to go with my novel and how I’ll be working around it.

I wanted to write more about “Law” and “Pats” from Bridge but, I’ve realized something. If I spend my whole time trying to re-write a story again and again, I might just not reach the end of it. So, I’ve decided to focus on Mitch’s life. Perhaps it will give me a little clarity why she loves the bass so much and maybe, it just maybe point me into something.

till then. see you all soon!

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