New normal October 2020

New normal October 2020

It’s 4 days into October– and here we all are. So much has changed these pass 7 months. We’re all going through denial. It’s like we all broke up with the reality of the life we all used to live.

Today, I just want to share my journey and how I continue to survive during these trying times.

When the news about the quarantine was declared on March, our company prepared for a hotel for us to stay, while we support the company. It was an enriching experience. Bizarre at the same time to see Manila without people or cars flooding the streets. At one point, it felt like an apocalypse. As time and days went by, there were moments where I wanted to just cry and crawl into a space. The pressure at work, despite having better living conditions that most people during this time was insane.

During these moments, I find myself looking back at how far I’ve gone thus far. Remembering the times were I was free to roam around the streets of Manila, explore after work hours or before work hours made me smile. I may be missing the art, music and night life. I’m just thankful I lived long enough to be in this era before living the present time we are in.

Right now, while getting to know this “new normal” that our government or the rest of the world has declared. I find myself contemplating about everything that I have built in such a short span of time.

About how much room design and decor can become a source of distraction and comfort to the troubled mind. While relearning how to cope with changing weather, being appreciated as an employee and citizen of this country.

October maybe just the month for us to finally get our bearings. I hope that we will all get through this year safely. I know that the year 2020 has taken so much from us. People we admire and loved ones we never knew who would be departing. Regardless of whatever the circumstance of this year has brought us. I wanna commend all of us for reaching out up to this point. I hope that this simple blog will be able to at least inspire you to look back on the things you’ve gone through as you paved your way up to this very point.

until then, thank you for taking the time to visit and read through what I have to say. Cheers!

3 responses to “New normal October 2020”

  1. Would love to walk those streets, but yes, the current pandemic does make things seem like an apocalyptic zombie movie for sure. Thank god we have people such as yourself, M. You’re a ray of sunshine in all of the bleakness. What a wonderful thing that is!

    • thank you tony! it’s beeen a struggle really. but, it pays to pay it forward regardless. we’ve seen so much lost already. i can’t fathom trying to bring the whole world down too.

      it would be just too cruel. you know?

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