September in #Covid19

It has been months since #Covid19 hit the Philippines.

before you start reading, I want to share this song with all of you who will be reading this post.

The numbers began to rise and without an idea about what the rest of the year 2020 will bring to all of us– we carried on. A constant battle throughout the financial crisis and mental health of everyone. The Filipino Nation has always found a way to smile through the worst situations imaginable.

Yet, here I am sharing to you my thoughts regarding the changes that has slowly took place. While I may not be able to cover all of these changes. What I can highlight though will be the following.

disclaimer: bullet summary is not in order by date.

  • Emman Nimedez passed away in August
  • Lloyd cafe cadena followed soon after (with what news share to be cardiac arrest)
  • Kobe Bryant and his daughter together with peers died in January
  • Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther)
  • Logan Williams
  • Eddie Garcia
  • Tony Mabesa
  • Mico Palanca

International/Foreign Celebrities who died in 2020

There are a whole lot more pressing issues that should be talked about— yet, this September. All I ever wanna do is just breath and sleep until this whole thing ends.Don’t you feel the same way too?

I bet you do. This year… if you have lost a friend or love one. take this time to prepare yourself to remember them by… because am sure, this coming November. We will definitely have a meaningful way of celebrating our dealy departed….

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