MECQ2: DAY 3 Run down

At long last, my favorite day and month of the year has arrived. Although it isn’t as much as what I’ve imagined or expected it to be for this year. Still, I have things to be blessed and thankful for.

In this post, it is the third day of the Modified Enhanced Quarantine for the second time around. The reasons behind is indeed acceptable and yet, my selfishness at times may get the best out of me. If there was any other way, I would have not wanted it to be in this arrangement.

then again, I think it is only just that regardless of what has happened these past few months. I am blessed to have met amazing people.

To celebrate my birthday, I bid farewell to a friend, as I receive a gift of parting. No further words uttered– only gratitude. I am thankful for the gift and I shall mean to use it with guidance throughout this troubling times.

While it is true that a part of me feels conflicted. I am at a place where acceptance is near the door, as I am about to openly accept its presence.

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Having a piece of the moon in a form of a moon light lamp helped me embrace the quarantine life that was thrust upon me this year. I pray that before the end of the year, we may find peace once more and return back to our normal lives.

unrestrained and freely able to travel where we wish.

So to all of my friends who has greeted me a happy birthday the other day. Thank you for your time and love.

to those who have left without words said.

may you find peace in your heart– as you hope for.

until then.

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