#Covid19 Contact Journal

Hi folks! So, I’ll be starting a personal project which is the main goal is for your safety. But, before you begin. I’d like to set 3 Rules as a reminder that this is a personal project which should only be treated as a diary of sorts for your own safety (as well as respect).

I’d like to call these rules as 3 Solemn Promises:

  1. Always update your journal every hour or day.
  2. For “YOUR” eyes ONLY.
  3. Keep it with you ALWAYS.

Now, if you’re wondering what these solemn promises are for– mainly the reason for this is because, there is a law that prohibits discrimination against covid19 patients/possible suspects of the said virus. Also, writing about your inter-actions might actually offend the individuals you’ll be writing about.

Now, that’s been laid out. These will be your ammo or materials you need to start.

Covid19 Contact Journal
  1. A Red Notebook
  2. Red, Blue and Black pens

Legend: Red for suspected symptoms, Blue for contact only and then Black for descriptions and details.

Next will be the HOW AND WHAT TO WRITE

Instructions: Write down DATE, TIME, DAY, NAME, RELATIONSHIP, SYMPTOMS or Health Status AND PLACE.


Name: Jane Doe

Relationship: Friend/Officemate

Symptoms/Health Status: Runny Nose (looks like sniffle’s)

Place: Office

Additional Notes: Spoke to her because, I wanted to know the details about our new schedule for work this week.

Note: You may add other notes such as, what you did while you were talking to the person. Also, you may ask the person/individual if there was anyone in there family that was sick and as long as they are willing to answer, you’ve got what you need to fill out.

Repeat this process until the threat is no longer existing.

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