A Time in Corona

“The struggle is real.”

       A phrase or expression that we often read on post, hear on other people’s stories when they face reality, and in this simple phrase, we realize that this individual has never lived a day in his life crawling. They were one of the few fortunate souls, blessed with love, care and resources in their lives.

Nowadays, I feel no different than the average joe. However, whenever feelings of great struggle begin to greet me, I remember that I was once one of those fortunate souls.

I have lived a life filled with opportunities— and although, I may have not felt it then. I now realized that, even though I had not given my 100% in certain scenarios and aspects of my life.

I owe it to everyone who has supported me along the way, that I came this far.

Slowly things are making sense.

Work, Family and even life itself.

Even when this sense of understanding is temporary, I do know that I should take this time to learn from my past experiences.

I want to take this time in writing, that when I stated earlier on the phrase. I wanted to share how difficult things had been recently. The virus spreading in a mass of number, the strict rules of social distancing and the whole Enhanced Community Quarantine which eventually led to MCEQ (Modified Community Enhanced Quarantine).

Today, I would like to share how much the Time in Corona has shaped me into a person. No longer I am watching the world quietly on the sides, snapping commentary post as an excuse to post as a what could seem close to a voice or individual opinion on Facebook.

Now, I know what you might possibly come up as an argument. Some of you might think that I do not value the freedom of speech and the likes, but that is beyond the point that I am making.

I hope you’ll hear me out and read the rest of this post.

My argument is that, we simply need to be more responsible with the words and thoughts we share.

I mean as a country, no matter what age you are in— your fear should not dictate your vision for the future of this country.

Humanity is overrated.

An idea not so often entertained by the masses in fear of judgement from the very eyes of the people they love and cherish. Let alone the preachers who would often bask in the name of the Lord and shame those who wish to speak the truth of the colors of man.

Right now, we are under this certain predicament due to the global pandemic that is Covid-19. However, it does not excuse us all to besiege the countries worth.

I am neither pro nor anti-government. My vision is for a better world for the Philippines and I chose to spread the word in my writing. This post is merely to state that, we cannot spend every waking hour in an argument of What could have been done to prevent this from happening but, what should be done from the virus spreading. I think everything under the words that pertain to prior to, should be held on hold.

I hope that as a country—

We are reminded that the only way to survive such threat to our lives, is to stand as one. Together.

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