#Covid19 MakatiQuarantine Day21

It’s 3:00 Pm in the afternoon of April 6th 2020, currently here at the lobby of Z Hostel, listening to Good Charlotte’s “I just wanna Live” playing on my playlist over spotify.

The lyrics, pretty much describe the situation we’re all in right now.

I need an alarm system in my house
So I know when people are creepin’ about
These people are freakin’ me out (these days)
It’s getting hectic everywhere that I go
They won’t leave me alone
There’s things they all want to know
I’m paranoid of all the people I meet
Why are they talking to me?
And why can’t anyone see?

 © I just Want to live by Good charlotte
@ Z Hostel accomodation while we wait out for further announcements with regards to #Covid19 from the Locked down to quarantine.

As promised, I said I would write more about my days during this whole quarantine is going on, and frankly I’m not sure where to exactly start. So, I’ll probably begin from our day 1 from March 17, since that was the day where it all began. At the night of our shift, our company and my collegues who were still able to come to work were monitoring the news. As the finalization of the announcement took place, it was fortunate that at roughly 4 or 5:00 am in, we were told to log off from our stations as the companies were given more or less than 24 hours to book temporary accomodations and transportation for their employees.

While, I am grateful for the time, resources and enegry that was invested just to keep the businesses going– one would still think about the health risk that it has for those who are continiuously work during this troubled times. Regardless of its notion, I think it is best to share it on a different post.

Meanwhile, here’s Poblacion during this time of quarantine. What was once a busy and buzzling streets for tourist and locals alike, now look like a deserted town, where only the locals who are currently the true residents live in this space

While, everyone is inside, and keeping their word to sta inside their homes. I decided to uncancel my Netflix account and managed to follow through my watch list.

Not to mention, I got to experience movie night w/ my collegues at the hostel cafe, while of course practicing social distancing.


And since, surely we couldn’t just all stay at home. It’s been a refreshing help that one of the in-house project specialist for entertainment of sorts, decide to conduct a yoga class at the roof top of the hostel. While not everyone was keen on the idea itself, since it meant stretching and going under the sunny part of the building, it was still a worth while scenario watching the sun-set after yoga and meditation.

of course, the staff also prepared a healthy buffet last week. The aroz caldo, banana and wheat bread was spectacular.

Although there were days that I still had to rely on noodles to get by. It was still a fun experience, as I was able to try out this japanese nissin cup noodles.

welp! there goes my log for the past two weeks long quarantine. There are some details that I could not share just about now, but I promise. When all of this is over. I’ll definitely share my thoughts without any fear of people getting involved or businesses getting closed.

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