#Covid19 Makati LockedDown Day10

It’s the 2nd week of the locked down. I’ve decided to update my late post and do it now. So far… I think I’ve spent almost Php 5,000 on food, clothing, basic necessity while I’m away from home. While the company did take care of our temporary lodging and transportation.

It was unavoidable that I had to purchase new clothes around Makati because I only managed to bring in a few and there was no way for me to get back home. Not to mention the last news I’ve been update was from #DOH update last March 20th.

If any of you can link me up with the latest updates, that would be great. I’m sorry if I’m sorry if what I have to share isn’t nowhere near tick tock. I just think that, people talk less about their feelings or the way they see things nowadays. Even when you’re stuck at home, you still refuse to share the way you feel about the world.

so, I’ve decided to talk about how I’ve been coping w/ the lock down– till up to date.

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