2019 Metro Manila Film Festival: Write About Love

Write About Love by TBA Studios

“Insights and take away”

This can cover everything from the performances to the story and visual effects. When I saw the Title, the first thing that came into my mind was Director Justin Reardon ‘s Playing it Cool , which was written by Chris Shafer & Paul Vicknair.

I figured, I could give it a go and watch the film, since we don’t get much films about writers here in the Philippines. (not to mention, its a film from TBA Studio)

Now despite hating the stereotype romance movies from the Philippines, which admittedly, it had that romance-vibe going on when it isn’t actually needed. Now, then…

for the Insights: I understand that the film possibly is trying to convey the different ways in of love is demonstrated along with the regrets that come with the lack of conviction. But, to be honest– the story seemed dry and close to playing it all too safe, where the characters barely grew nor understood why they were actually there. It was like, they acted just as what they were told to do or were written for, but not exactly how they would be able to live into the characters that they were meant to be.

so with the review I’ve read from Rappler about it being more wrong than right, is pretty spot-on. (if you’re curious how the review went, just click the link).

The romantic comedy is about two writers who collaborate to write a romantic film, with creative differences cause issues between the two. The movie will have a film-within-a-film structure, and dig deep into the screenwriting experience.
source: https://mydramalist.com/38391-write-about-love

I would have like to stress more about how dry the whole movie felt like, but I figured rappler’s writer oggs cruz has already said everything that I wanted to say. So, I suppose, I could concentrate on the positive side of the Film instead?

I think Miles Ocampo has a promising future in playing deep roles, but then– if you’ve been a fan of going bulilit back in the day, you’d still see her as that comedian lil lady. On a side note, TBA’s film crew is as awesome as it has always been, very stunning cinematic shoots for the mood and vibe of the film. I just wish the Director and the writer’s of the film exerted more effort into making a full focus on what could have been a great movie.

Now that’s all been said and done, here’s the reference movie in mind. I hope you’ll love this recommendation and can find the comparison between the two movies.

While pretending to be a philanthropist at a charity dinner, the man meets a gorgeous woman named HER (Monaghan). The only catch: she’s engaged. In order to continue seeing each other, the two embark on a platonic relationship, one that gets pushed to the test as the two begin to realize they may have unrequited feelings for one another. Like a young Walter Mitty, ME uses the power of imagination and wild vignettes to conquer HER heart.

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