FilmReelFeel: A Quiet Place

FilmReelFeel: A Quiet Place

I’m not going to write something that has already been said online. In fact, this feature post is already late. The movie is almost (what?) two months old since its release here in the Philippines, and here I am posting a review about it, only today.  Technically, its mostly because I only managed to watch the movie recently and I figured I owe it to myself to contribute a little review about my film reel experience.

Now then! If you’re not familiar with this Horror, Suspense-Thriller movie. Here’s the official trailer:

In a post-apocalyptic world, a family is forced to live in silence while hiding from monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing. –  Excerpt from IMDb

I’ve included an excerpt from IMDb for your convenience.


Right. So I know this is like a long over due review, so I’ll try to keep it quick and simple, especially for those who haven’t watched the movie still–

If you’ve been looking for a different kind of horror feel in your life, and have grown tired of watching the usual suspense thriller formula. Then A quiet place will definitely make you look at horror in a a different kind of way.

from the characters and as well as the interesting premise of the story itself, this gripping, unique idea of introducing the importance of sound and how incredible it is when applied correctly in a story.

I won’t say much about this– since its been awhile since the last time I’ve watched this movie, but if you’ll ask me between Bird Box and A Quiet Place, I’ll definitely, flat out tell you to go for A Quiet Place instead. 🙂

Welp, I know it isn’t much of a review you can bank upon, but I do hope the IMDB link and the trailer helps you with your decision making.


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