Happy Seven years!

Nothing in life comes in easy.

Hi, welcome to my blog.  My name is Giselle Maris, but everyone knows me by Magsi Rover. I’m the author of Bridge Comics Philippines

ending my 20’s, and will be officially grinding through the working class society. While still trying to be creatively insane.

Today’s post will be a short run-through of  appreciation to everyone I’ve encountered these past fiver years, since I started writing. I hope as you read through my experience, you’ll get to discover something through my journey.


Moving into the City?

Scary isn’t it? (I suppose to me, it wasn’t like that at all.) I felt the wonder, excitement and as well as the influx of opportunity. However, there was still a part of me that would still look back into the past, and then quietly I’d end up listening to myself, thinking that there really something feels like its missing.

However, since 2015 came in. I’ve never been happier, grateful and blessed to finally be able to see my good friend ken again.  I believe that true friends, whether far or near– or no matter how difficult things might have been from the past up till the present. If they were meant to be–(just like love) they’ll always find a way to each other.  With this in mind, am thankful to have met you again. Not to mention, we now have Lyber and nacho with us.

To Pedz Panda, I’m happy to have finally had the time to spend with you in person. Meeting your group of friends and everyone last post-christmas holiday? I wish you guys the best and hopefully everything you plan in life will work out well. I mean, its crazy how time flies for all of us. I learned how hardwork, determination and perseverance will really take you to places. Thanks for being like a brother to me.



And to everyone. My bandmates, events squads and outer circle of friends. Thank you for this amazing five years of blogging and to my readers, happy seven years of craziness for all of us.

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My only promise to you guys right now is that I’ll be very soon, resume in writing more band, anime, music and food adventures! 🙂

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