Online Snap Interview with KODIGO!

It’s finally 2019– and I’m pleased to share to you this online-snap interview with KODIGO via group chat.

In this feature, I’ll also include their social media networks for you guys to follow and support. In addition, if you’d like to know more about the band, just click on the hyperlink on the name of the band.

Here’s some of the few online-snap Q’s I was able to ask thee Band.

Magsi: How did you meet? ( how did the band came to be?)

KODIGO: Before Kodigo, the band members were already friends since they all live in the same community.

Magsi: How did the band come up with the band name?

KODIGO: Kodigo is a tagalog word for cheat sheet. We all came from different bands, each members have their own influences, and forming Kodigo is like copying on’s style and making it as our own.

Magsi: Where does the band frequently play/perform?

KODIGO : Mostly within the Metro (Makati, QC, Taguig).

Magsi: What got you guys into music?

KODIGO : Most of the members came from a family of musicians like carlo, his father was a folk singer, jojo – whose part of the music ministry in their church ever since and macoy whose parents were both singers back in the day. Moi and Arkho had their influence in getting to music due to their circle of friends.

Magsi: If you didn’t become a musician, what would you be doing right now?

Macoy(Vocals): Belly dancer, kumakain ng apoy(man eating fire), lumalakad sa bubog(man who walks on glass shards), nagpapatubo ng pilit na bigote (kasi wala ako nun/trying to growing a beard, coz I don’t have one–). Lol, Just kidding. Music is my sanctuary. Music is what defines me.

Carlo(Guitars): I might be a family man taking care of our business however it is impossible not to become one since music is like my comfort zone that I can go to whenever I need it.

Magsi: if you could have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be?

KODIGO: We would like to be remembered as one of the band that made an impact in their lives, since kodigo creates music using real life experiences. We, somehow, wanted the fans to feel that they have someone they can go to whenever they face life challenges.

Magsi: if you guys/ or if the band has one message to your fans/supporters, what would it be?

KODIGO: Just keep supporting to local independent bands!



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