Wheeling for 2019

Six days left before Christmas. Change was inevitable and nothing could stop time from blazing through the calendars of 2018. Now, I know– I’ve been gone for a while now, and there have been less and less updates recently, but there really is so much more going on now than I’ve shared to you before. If you’ve been waiting for updates for awhile now, I’ll gladly share the reason/s for my absence.
Right after the Album Launching, I thought I could get back and write again. Then again– things came in rushing like a landslide, and in that very moment where I thought everything was finally going to die down and hush for a little while, it didn’t. I knew right there that I was now more alive than dead inside.

After all that has happened all through out this year.
Wheeling for 2019 has never been this exciting for me. There must have been a list on top of all the list I’ve made throughout the years and frankly, I couldn’t be more grateful and happier all at the same time.

Even with all these changes, it just felt so natural right now– and to share it with all of you here, has been indeed a blessing.

I won’t go into all these tedious details about what sort of changes I’ve had gone through. Like all my other post, I’ll dot it down into a neat bullet style format for you to read through.

  •  The place where I’ve lived for almost a decade here in Manila, has been acquisition by the bank. It’s a tough battle, because my family had been caught off guard by the sudden announcement. We were asked to pack our things and move out. It took awhile for us to figure out how to move and where to go. But, regardless of these hurdles going on. I’m glad I can still make it through and smile.
  • BRIDGE COMICS is currently in a snail-pace progress. We’ve been officially limping since the Album Launching preparations began. Shino, who’s the sole-artist of bridge took the time to adjust with his new work environment as a full-time animator at a well-known animation company here in the Philippines. In its own sense, I suppose. its been a good break for us regardless of how slow things have been.
  • And lastly, new friends and a special person came into my life this year. I could never ask for more.
  • An old friend from the past. Who’s been a long time buddy and ally of mine, returns. All has been forgiven and we’ve been working on things for the better.

I’ll be back in writing full soon. A day job and with my passion heading towards the future will definitely be more than just the word excitement may be able to contain or describe.
And thus, the main source of the title of this post.
Wheeling for 2019!

I’ll wrap this update here, in a neat little bow– and I hope, you will forgive me for the lateness of this post.

Thank you for your understanding and may you have a blessed and blissful Christmas and New Year, everyone.

All the best.
Magsi Rover


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