What’s Next after all the drama


The title for this entry is, What comes next after all the drama– and true enough its been one crazy ride for me and my team.
Its been a challenging 2018, and we’re lucky enough to be able to still walk and live our days, doing what we love and makes us happy.

I won’t be building this post into a massive wall of text. I’ll keep it simple enough, and precise as much as I can. So, here’s what comes after the drama summary:

About personal growth: Since 2008, I’ve only managed to post close-up selfies of myself, and despite my sunny to crazy personality online and offline, there is always that part of me, where I feel recluse and would shy away from the limelight. One defining example of this is posting a photo of myself. I mean, ever since android phones became a thing–I’ve never really managed to gather the courage or took the time to pose a picture of myself in a full body shot. And the several times that I was even able to– its either with a group of friends or a decent stolen shot of myself. This year, before it ends. I’m proud to share to you, how confident I’ve felt this year. I’m blessed to be able to finally find the time and courage to pose a somewhat acceptable pose for the impromptu street shoot with my good friend shyla. I suppose, after everything that has happened, there were good things that came with it, and I’m pleased to say that, I’m no looking forward to a few more feature photos in the future.

>About moving forward: Finally, I’ve decided that it would be for the best interest with my team and myself to let go of WASTED CHEMICAL. I know its been a tough decision but, I suppose– There were many things that we wanted to consider when it came to the band. We feel that despite all our efforts, it seemed as though we were left unappreciated and therefore we felt the need to finally let go. We still admire their music and would, perhaps in the near future listen or watch them– but as of the moment. We wish to just leave and walk our separate paths. We won’t be discussing the details here for now, but perhaps in the near future we will. In the meantime, here’s what comes after. We will be supporting new bands and retain our original two. We hope to be able to support them from a distance whenever we are able to.

While there are many more pending projects that we need to finish. Such as the upcoming release of Come with me (the graphic novel) by Michael Recto and artist: Oliver Cayobit Renomeron. And the making of Red Raven Series… I am hoping for the best, in everything that we are rooting for in the near future.

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