Down to the fourth week of October, and time– like as always flew by.
In my last post, I’ve written about my obsession with “Stranger things have happened” by foo fighters, while sharing a few of the recent updates with what has been going on with my life recently. Some of you were able to relate to the song and my post, and I’m happy to receive your messages , as well as reading the comment section.

At six in the morning, I thought about writing this blog update. Since the last title prompt was a title of the song, I’ve thought about using the headline PRESS PLAY: NEXT TRACK

Why is it though? Well, to some it might be a tad bit obvious– and you’ll occasionally hear people coining in about how life is like a roller coaster. A series of ups and downs (or something like that) well, I suppose I couldn’t agree even more. Then again, I’ve got another one in mind, perhaps you might agree?

I think life is like a movie soundtrack, and in every soundtrack you’ll find that particular song, like a chapter in your life story. Sometimes it depends on the mood, vibe, genre of the particular scene in your current story. Other times, if you own your life and feel that you are strong enough to take control, often times you’d end up pressing play forward and on to the next track.

If it doesn’t make sense to you, well let’s just say– life has this particular pattern, where you end up being happy one minute and then boom, you spiral down into a wave of devastating sadness.

PRESS PLAY: NEXT TRACK is a statement where I feel there is a need to move forward and skip the slime and grime of my decisions in life.

Going back to my day job and finishing my current projects online is making me happy and sad at the same time.

While there were many accomplishments and happy memories, still it couldn’t be possible that there wouldn’t be one moment in our lives where we’d get out of it without a battle scar.

I am itching to reveal a very important announcement soon and the only clue I can provide you is music. It’s no longer a deal breaker but finally a finality to everything that has happened within the span of one year.

We could have all ended it with all smiles but, perhaps– in pursuit of greater happiness. We finally realize there is always a need to let go of certain things in order to press forward and receive the blessing we best deserve from the previous endeavors we’ve sacrificed about.

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