Stranger Things Have Happened

Recently, I fell in-love with the song Stranger things have happened by foo fighters. Thus, prompts the title itself. I mean,  its been weeks since my last post and I know I’ve been having a difficult time keeping up with everything that needs to be posted. Despite WordPress having a feature to prepare articles in advance and a set-up to post it automatically on a daily basis if possible.

Today, I just wanted to share this intimate post with all of my readers.

It’s just a simple updated breakdown of where I am now and as to what I’ve been up to recently since the Album launching.

  • I’ve decided it was time to ditch the home-based job and return to my day job. I know that some of you may not understand as to why I’ve finally decided to return to the corporate world– but hear me out. Recently, I’ve slowly realized what I actually need to attain stability, and no matter how fun and crazy working from home it sounds. I’ve come to this understanding about myself– about the value of social-inter action for me as a writer and experience is still the best way to develop more stories.
  • Adulting and finally understanding the value of time even more. I’ve finally came into terms with dealing about certain issues in my life and how I want to end the year. I know it’s a bit of a gray area here as to what those issues are– since I’m not one too willing to share it online. All I am ever willing is sometimes, letting go of things that simply does not make sense anymore is not such a bad thing. I hope that as I share this to you reader, you’ll find it in a way useful. to you, as you go through life by the edge of whatever and wherever you area.
  • Lastly, with #BridgeComicsPh and #BraineejuiceCreatives slowly growing and marking their names in the creative industry. I figured it was finally time for me to press forward and step up my game in the business. I truly want to support my friends who’ve been working with me all this time and I’m not willing to allow my fear and laziness become an excuse to everything we’ve worked hard and planned to do.

Now that I’ve finally laid all of this out in the open. here’s why I found myself falling further in-love with the song in the feature title.  There had been so many things that have happened within a year of planning and pressing forward with bridge. And while its true that there is still a long way for me to go, this song and lyrics spoke to me. And a particular line finally gave me a chance to breathe.

I’m not alone
Dear loneliness
I forgot
That I remember this
You were not alone
Dear loneliness
You forgot
But I remember this
Oh stranger stranger
Stranger things have happened, I know

  • Stranger Things Have Happened – Foo Fighters

It struck me and I felt every word of it. The beat and melody of the song made me relate so much to it, and it eventually became my this years anthem. I’m sharing this to you in hopes that it may also comfort you– in ways I can never articulate in words. All I know is, in everything that I’ve ever done in the span of one year. I made it all out for love and passion.

Until my next post. Cheers and take care ya’ll

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