Scroll Down – EP Review

I’m here writing a quick Music/EP Review for a local band from the Philippines. Yey!

So since this is my first official write-up with tidbits and insights. I’ve decided to write it my style.

Today’s feature article is a local band hailing from the West! To my readers and listeners, let me introduce you to Scroll Down!

They officially released their Self-titled debut EP last December 2017, since then Scroll Down’s music has been long riding on waves of awesome. Now that’s all out on the table.

Here’s my official review:

The band and their music reminds me of Paramore, and it’s not even an issue right there, rather more of a plus if you’d ask me, and if that left you wondering, well here’s what I have to say–I think it’s because the band is close to that quality in terms of overall musicality combined with Mary’s singing style, you’d have yourself second guessing too.

While I may not be able to fully express a massive amount of structured criticism, as a listener, I’m more than happy to express two of my personal favorite songs from this EP.

I love the guitar and drum parts from “Before You Go” so much that it leaves you humming with the song. Lyric wise, it’s totally relatable and up to date. While “ANSWERS” definitely hits a huge emotional-slap across your face, and yet strangely you still find yourself rooting for the song itself. Not to mention, it also has a very compelling music video up and about on their official YouTube channel! Check it out guys!

But of course, what’s an EP review without a few insights or two from my fellow music enthusiast and musician friends?

Here are two awesome feedback coming from a few good friends of mine:

“track # 1 “Knock me out” is definitely one of my favorite. due to its straight forward
pop punk roots.It reminds me of A day to remember with a twist– and the vocals it’s not the usual type of girl fronted band. The voice has a lot dense compare to other girls nowadays..
The band has also has the killer riffs to boot, perfectly supporting the vocals.

The band has also a unique arrangement of their songs
an ear bug mostly to the track #2 and #3 an unorthodox breakdown section most of their song.

To sum up.. this band has more to offer.. – Makario Pluma/Musician

Lively Intro with Japanese Rock vibes! The band’s music brings up a very uplifting mood once you listen to their songs.It’s a perfect day starter or for happy films. The tempo is fast, and that’s what I love about punk pop. Those subtle pauses from the musicality literally hits you right in the feels as the music slowly gets back to its usual fast pace, and while your left wanting to hear what comes next. Its a very engaging song for a very awesome band! – Arvin The Martian / TNPY-YOUTUBER

Scroll Down’s EP Cover literally lives up to the image of their tracks!

If you found yourself loving or getting even more curious about the band, Check them out this coming 31st of August as they step up their game and bring their music to Metro Manila for a one of a kind Battle of the Bands!

(Click on the link to read more about the upcoming event.)

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