Bridge Comics Animation MV (Official)

Hi everyone!

Today and this week marks the making of Bridge Comics and to celebrate this week is to present to you an entry about our achievements as a team. Starting with this epic official animation music video for our comic series, featuring a song from Wasted Chemical titled “Holy Light”.

Now, I won’t be going into further details about how I met Ian Dominic Alejo– but, I will tell you guys this much. It is without a doubt in my heart, how happy and thankful I am for this adventure we are currently in. We have met many bands and gone through a series of ups and downs in our creative process but, here’s what we’ve learned together thus far.

To GIVE UP is not a good enough reason to say I QUIT.  Simply said– giving up on something doesn’t mean it’s the end, not that we’ll be stopping anytime soon– but, we’ve learned to put some things on hold in order to grow as a team but, we will never quit until we’ve reached the end.

Having Pol-kun supporting us as we support him back was indeed a great opportunity for us as a team. We hope to be able to further collaborate with him in the future– if our schedules and time would permit. It has been such a blessed year for Bridge and the bands we support.

Thanks for dropping by and checking out this post!

all my love,


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