Rediscovering Video Editing


After 6 years in hiatus– I managed to get back into video editing. Now, I know it ain’t much but, it’s a start really– using adobe after effects and re-learning the basics from editing wasn’t easy at first since  it took a lot of effort to dig back into the depths of my brain just to find where the buttons and stitching all through out the process, but in the end it was definitely worth it.

Here are two of my sample works which I’m pleased to share with all of you.

this one is a short lyric video with a promotional invitation to the viewers about the band’s upcoming album launching on September 29 this year. If I could share a few things about this experiment, well– it’s the fact that lyric videos aren’t as easy as it looks. Here’s a few things I’ve learned while editing this particular video.

  1.  When you begin editing for a lyric video. Precision is definitely an integral part of the editing process. All the words should be precise and its timing should match the song.
  2. Effects aren’t always the best way to express a particular song. Sometimes, it really depends on how the overall theme of that particular song would be for the viewer and listener.
  3. When you edit– a golden rule is always to save!save!save!

As for  the second video, I thought about making the official Album Launching trailer for Wasted Chemical. Thankfully, I managed to finish just in time for its release.


On another note, I haven’t been able to fully study how after effects really work yet, but I’m glad I managed to at least try to apply a few things I remember from my editing classes using final cut pro, sony vegas and other editing softwares.

Maybe sometime, I could write about my editing process in the near future. In the meantime, I hope you guys had fun reading this post.

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