Author Yeyet Soriano (Interview)

Author Yeyet Soriano (Interview)

A few days late– but it’s never too late to write this feature. If you’re in the mood to read something mysterious and gripping, you’re already reading it now.

I’m pleased to write this feature interview about one of the best contemporary indie-author, I have met and worked with (And yes, I may be a little biased on this one) but hey! I guarantee you this much, her stories will bring you to a world in which you’ve least expected. Tugging your heart-strings every step of the way.

Today’s post is a feature interview with Author Yeyet Soriano and her book The Crime Circle.

Magsi:  Hi Yeyet! Just to keep my readers up to speed, can you share a quick mini-bio of yourself as an author? (please kindly include updated social media links and other contact information.


I started publishing my multi-genre works independently in 2015 but I’ve been writing ever since I can remember. To-date, I have five (5) standalone books: Turning PointsIn My DreamsThe RetreatKate Finally, and  The Crime Circle.
Turning Points and In My Dreams are speculative fiction stories. Kate Finally is a contemporary romance story. The Retreat and The Crime Circle are crime fiction stories.

I have written quite a number of short stories which were published as part of anthologies, both traditionally and independently published. I also published with Sachet Novels a couple of stories on the Cherry mobile app.

Anthologies and Titles of my Works:
The Secrets That We Keep (#HeistClub) – Kate’s Retreat
Start Here (#romanceclass) – Another First
Summer Feels (#romanceclass) – Buddy System
12 Months of Romance 24 Reasons to Love – Life’s Tricks and Treats
Talecraft Master Story Creators’ Anthology 1 – Fairy Queen-In-Waiting

Flesh (Fixi Novo) – He Loves Me . . . Not
Stories published with Sachet Novels:
  • Fairy Queen-In-Waiting
  • The Cleansing
  • Nine Days ‘Til Lockdown
  • An SK Kind of Wedding
  • Sunrise
  • Shake

Magsi:  I’m happy to have you here as my guest author for the month of June 2018! I’ve read your recent works and we’ve known each other from way back in 2015. But, its been a long time, since the last time we spoke to each other. So, I’m a little off the grid here. The Crime Circle, I believe this is a part 2 of your book series from THE RETREAT. Can you tell me and my readers a few interesting and note worthy facts about this novel that sets it apart from the first?


The Retreat is the story of the authors writing the stories, while The Crime Circle is a collection of the stories they wrote. There will be overlaps because a lot of the authors “ended” their stories with the help of the key characters in The Retreat,  so The Crime Circle stories would have similar characters in each of the stories. So in effect, The Retreat is the “real world,”  while The Crime Circle is “another world”  where the four stories take place. What’s a bit confusing is that the stories are supposed to be based on real events, but as with any other written work, there will have been some fictionalization happening in The Crime Circle in the four stories.
The Crime Circle will be the book where the “full stories” of each author are outlined. In The Retreat, everyone is just treated to snippets of the stories as related by the authors.  In The Crime Circle, there are no authors, only players in the stories.  So one noteworthy fact:  In The Retreat,  Simon Nunez is a 60-something crime fiction writer who joins the writers’ retreat along with three other authors. He helps each of the authors through their own stories.  So in The Crime Circle, we have a character that seems to be constant in all the stories, as follows:
  • Solomon Dungca, the detective in 3B4U
  • Magdaleno Trinidad, private investigator in LOST
  • Rufino Soriano, sari-sari owner with a checkered past in CLIMB
  • Reynaldo Mendoza, crime fiction writer who consulted with the NBI in the past in BREATHE
All the above are different incarnations of Simon Nunez in each of the authors’ stories.  And he’s not the only one.
Magsi: Writing the story and building the world for your characters. I believe, if not some, there are many writers/authors out there who feel challenged when it comes to writing about crime fiction. If there is any advise apart from reading a mass of books, what other tips can you share that you’ve discovered as you wrote this story?
Yeyet: I did a ton of research, consulted a lot of people, and was very careful to be sensitive about the way the stories were related. I realized imagination and creativity can only bring me to a certain point, specially when it comes to crime fiction. I needed to study and be well-versed in those areas and situations where I didn’t have any first-hand experiences on.  Case in point: the crime against Zia in LOST and Jojo in BREATHE, when they were kids. I needed to talk to people who went through the same situation. I talked to lawyers about the step-by-step process of filing a case and trying such a case and the potential resolutions. I talked to psychologists about the effects of said crimes on the victims, on the people around them, etc.  The stories needed to be realistic and based in truth to be truly effective in getting the points across to the readers.
Magsi: Out of curiosity and just a random question really– Do you have a favorite character your story The Crime Circle?
Yeyet:  When I think about my characters, both good and bad (and those in-between), I treat them all as my children, and picking a favorite seems like sacrilege. However, some do stand out. I love Philip because his story was the easiest to write and his voice and his personality were so easy to take on. Writing CLIMB was a joy, and it afforded me the opportunity to “rest” between writing the other three stories which were really bordering on “very dark.”  I love David Roces in 3B4U because he is the epitome of my dream 90s guy, and I loved writing 3B4U because I love music and the rock scene and this gave me the opportunity to make my inner rocker happy. I love Rachel because she was very complex to write and a part of me thinks I may also be 3 or more people inside. The most difficult to love was Zia, not only because her story was the hardest to write, but because she actually was the most complex of them all, without losing herself to madness. But as I wrote the ending of LOST, I realized that Zia may have been the strongest of everyone, combined, because she did not let what happened to her consume her whole, and although she came close to losing herself several times, she found a way to move forward, in a positive way.
Magsi: Any upcoming events in the near future? (e.g book launchings?)
Yeyet:  The 4 novellas in The Crime Circle are being launched as stand-alone ebooks on Amazon over the course of the year. 3B4U was released on March 24, and LOST was released last May 31. CLIMB will be released on August and BREATHE on October.

But, I also have a lot of WIPs I need to complete this year! I hope to launch “The Army Trunk in the Attic,” a #HeistClub crime story with a dash of romance for Sachet Novels on August, just in time for the Romance Convention of the Philippines. I also hope to complete and launch “In Tune,” my #romanceclass young adult novella where Hannah Montana and High School Musical and Glee collide. And I also hope to complete my #romanceclass adult contemporary romance novel “Patricia Once More.”  I know, it’s very ambitious to think I can do all these, but writing The Crime Circle actually meant not being able to release a full length book for more than a year, so I have a lot of catching up to do.
Magsi: is this the last of the Book Series or is this just the beginning?
Yeyet:  Well, this won’t be the last. As mentioned, I have two worlds to draw inspiration from — the real world of the authors,  and the fictional worlds of their individual stories. There are a lot of story threads in both worlds that would still be worth exploring in the future. So, yes, I will write more stories from these worlds.


Magsi: Thank you Yeyet for patiently answering these questions! I look forward to more of your stories. Hope to have you again in the near future!

[End of Interview]

Alright folks!

There you have it. If this interview got you even more curious about the author, you may look for her details here:

I hope you had fun reading this post.


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