The Rhythm to my decision

In my previous post. I talked about the updates with both my April and May adventure– and if I remember correctly, I shared about my new phone and as well as the upcoming album launching, by a local band called Wasted Chemical. If you’re new to my blog and you just recently started reading my content, let me share a bit of info about what you’re reading right now.

Wasted Chemical is one of the three local underground bands, which Bridge Comics Philippines supports and features in our upcoming volume 4.

Other than this trivia, there isn’t much to share further as of the moment.  Now then, back to the main topic of this post update.

Please enjoy listening to: Sa ngalan ng pag-ibig by December Avenue.  (translation: In the name of Love by December Avenue).

The Rhythm to my decision is all about me, sharing to you my recent struggles. I may not be specific about what I’ve been going through lately, but I’m definitely sure to let you guys know this much–

Love is all about making a choice.

It’s not really about what is right or wrong but, actually taking in the action of what you feel. It may contradict and clash with everyone else’s idea of love but, today. I just wanted to share my truth. What stands in what I see fit that would help me press forward.

I suppose you could think of that statement as a hint or clue about what I’m trying to express here–yet, at one point. I’m not ready to reveal what I’m suppose to share. I think I’m just here to tell you what I’ve realized.

While there are many forms of LOVE— there are individuals in our life time, whom we will learn to love and yet, the kind of love we have for them may not be the feeling of wanting to be accepted or to be reciprocated but, more likely the want to be appreciated instead.  Recently, I’ve encountered that kind of LOVE for someone. I confessed my feelings not because I wanted it to be returned but, simply because I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel alive again.

sadly, not everyone understands that kind of love and would often view it as a love that devastates the heart. I’m confident to share this because I know this person won’t dare to read what I write here and even if he does (I hope you, person whom I least expect to be reading this, would understand how much I just wanted to say I love you and thanks). There really wasn’t any need for you to feel responsible and if there was a time of awkwardness still between us. I asked you to endure it, simply because I wanted to remain friends.

Everyone is a fool in the name of LOVE but,  no one is really a fool when they LOVE. I suppose it may sound contradicting to you or to anyone who would read this but, the bottom line of this post is I have finally reached the point of ending the song we’ve both played. Our stories may not be the ending and it may be just a chapter in our lives but, the song we both started to play together is finally done and over.

To my readers,  did you experience this kind of situation before? Did you find yourself in a place where you’ve fallen for someone and yet, you knew from the start that you’ll never be anything more than what people imagine love should be? but felt like it should still be said– regardless of the consequences?

if you have. Please do comment or leave me a message.  Cheers and Bless you always for dropping by.






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