Happy 2018! Cheers to a new adventure!

Happy 2018! Cheers to a new adventure!



The holiday season is over– but, it doesn’t mean things would quiet down anytime soon.  Its the new year and as promised, I’ve come back with my first post this January!

I’ve been dying to share to all of you since my last post update in December.

This January,   the rough drafted schedule I prepared last year for this 2018 is really helping me smooth my pace for the first and second week of January . One of my my goals is to finish at least five scripts for Bridge Comics before returning to the corporate industry–

And since, I simply can’t share everything in one go. I’ve decided to break it down. Readers, here’s one of my first adventures of the year and a preview of some of my creative inputs for the year.

Last Friday, January 5 of this year Wasted Chemical  one of the bands featured in Bridge Comics just finished their recording of their new song “Not Alone”. 

After hearing about their plans, I thought it would help me write the story for Bridge Comics better if I could tag along with them. Luckily, front man Dominic Piodos agreed and I got the chance to  see things behind the scenes and observe the band as they worked on their craft.

While watching them, I decided to take a few videos for my own research and ended up editing Wasted Chemical – Not Alone (Official Teaser) video for the song!

I’m glad they liked how I did the rough edit on this one.  To our current and future viewers, I just want to thank you all for watching, sharing and downloading their song!

On another note, I may not be able to share much about the full on details of what happened during and after the recording. I think it is only fitting to share with you guys the place where the band recorded their music.

If you’re interested to know more about the studio, I’ve included the link to their Facebook page.
thanks for reading and you guys have a good year ahead!

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