Author’s Spot: Maria Criselda Santos

Armed with quirky narrations in writing and interesting titles.

Tonight we feature Author Maria Criselda Santos!

I was not able to interview her further about her past and recent projects but, I can definitely share a few things about her published works.

First up, the Lolita Chronicles.

Admittedly, I’ve only read two from the chronicles and my impressions were definitely filled with humor. Breaking the rules of standard conversations, the mash-up gay-slang and tagalog-english switch added the spicy comedic flavor in the narration.

In “First LOVE NEVER DEADMAS”  the story introduces Lolita Gregorio and follows her daily adventures to work. Flavored with a series of flash-backs as to how she got the job and her inner visions about LOVE and WORK, readers will definitely find themselves absorb in the story with giggles and laughter about her comical opinions.

While Stacey J’s illustrations perfectly syncs in with the humor filled story.

for more details about the series and other things relating to THE LOLITA Chronicles find out more soon at the upcoming Manila International Book Fair 2017!

her works and the author herself will be there too!

if you wanna know more about it, just simply drop by at the 8Letters booth this coming September 13-17!

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While I’ve provided a brief insight about her comics, I also don’t want to forget letting you readers know that the author herself writes poetry too!

In contrast to the humor filled story of Lolita Chronicles,  the author also presents a lovely and interesting collection of poetry in ANATHEMA.


Thanks for reading folks! If you want to know more or get in touch with the author, I’ve hooked up her network links here!




and if you’re ever curious or would like to read more about her random musings or featured writings, you can also drop by at her current blog.



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