On notes about: Writing with a Team

I’ve always worked on my projects and goals on my own.

It’s not because I wanted it to be this way– or am the type that wants everything done without a problem.

I suppose, you could say that all of this is all out of habit.

What I mean is– when you vision things differently. Sometimes, managing people or working with a group of individuals can be really stressful.

There are always a whole load of factors to discern in order for things to work out, which makes things all the more complicated.

And this is why, I’ve always preferred to do things on my own or team up with someone who can somehow relate to me. However,  working with The BRIDGE team 

changed the way I looked at things and that change, I think is one of the best things that has ever happened to me this year.

While I know I’m still far-off from being the best writer, I think it pays to have people who believe in what you can do.

It really matters no matter what that the few people who do, believe.

It makes things easier and that’s a huge anchor of motivation.


Translation: “Don’t worry about it. What matters is we all work and motivate each other. Together with Shinobi we’ll make it work! So Cheer up!”

My background artist and friend told me this last night– why he told me this? I’ll keep it private. All i can share to you guys is that, working on projects, big or small– it doesn’t really matter. There will always be pressure.

All I can say is– if you happen to stumble upon people who would set aside their precious time just to talk to you. Then consider yourself lucky because not everyone will always be willing to share their thoughts with you.

BRIDGE is an ongoing project. There will be more challenges to come but, I’m happy to know that I’m working with a team who’s ever willing to find ways to improve ourselves and I suppose, in its own way– LEAVES me no choice but to find the will and motivation to do better always.

right now. I’m just happy I found a team that hits close to home.





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