The Godfather: Tabletop Game Review


Hi Guys,

After all that love draining post– I figured that I should at least neutralize the post update.

Yesterday, at AsiaPop Comic Convention 2017— I had the opportunity to play this free game demo. Truthfully, the last time I played a tabletop game was with my co-author and good friend Tobie Abad (to whom, I owe a write up to still– but, no worries! I’ll introduce him to you guys soon enough.) Right now, I’m here to share to you the experience and the tidbit info’s that I found out about the game.

So, when it comes to these sort of games– I’m a complete beginner. I’ve always wanted to play but, I never got the chance. Now, I have and I’m definitely going to find the time and play the game! (Well, mostly because I won the actual trial round.)

Here’s a the actual photo from the time we played the demo game:

I’ll be sharing the experience and my thoughts about this game now.

In my own honest opinion, I think this is a pretty awesome way to play mind games. I mean sure, you don’t really get to solve puzzles and whatnot but, you do get to create strategies when it comes to ruling your own turf or expanding your own business. At first, I thought I’d flunk it and naturally fail. But hey, it would have been nice and humbling to say beginners luck, but this wasn’t it. I was sure I won because I really exerted the effort into playing this demo game. After all, it was for free and it was there for me to try. I didn’t feel like I would lose anything so I gave it my best shot.

The idea of collecting people, accomplishing jobs and whatnot was thrilling enough– that it made me want to play more. Although, bluntly speaking, there is violence included in the game (but worry not– it’s just a game. No one actually died for real!)

So there’s that.

Since, I’m no expert at this yet– I’ve decided to share you guys the trailer and now the gameplay video that I snagged from youtube.

The Gameplay tutorial:

I won’t be prattling any further.

I hope you guys enjoyed the read and feature!

In the meantime, if you’ve already been playing this game here in the Philippines. Let me know! let’s play and I’ll be sure to be there (if my schedule permits). In the mean time, adios amigos people!

Thanks for reading.

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