On notes about: Falling out of Love

Hi guys,

so this one will be something about LOVE but— definitely not about romance.

In truth, this is more of a reflection of sorts to share, while the song that I’ll be sharing is just an added bonus to recommend.

Now then, shall we begin?

It’s been awhile since I posted an article that wasn’t about events or reviews, so definitely I  know that most of you have been itching to read something of substantial understanding for me to share.

This one is for all of you out there who may need to read this but don’t know where  to find these sort of thoughts.

There are a millions of songs out there that speaks to a person when they are in-love, inspired, feeling religious and whatnot– but, it is even greatly appreciated when a certain song touches you for the first time, just because you feel the intensity of sadness and pain.

Where does this train of thought go?

Well, here’s my idea of what you may have read countless of times from other writers/philosophers/bloggers and to whomever.

LOVE isn’t complicated– it is the person (thee individual) that makes it happen.

Recently,  I’ve been receiving an influx of messages from friends, acquaintances and relatives asking for advice.

Sometimes, they just need to air out how they feel, but then it got me thinking about writing something especially for them.

I noticed a pattern– and it’s always about expectations or incompatibility.

The list may actually go on and on if I list it down for you… but, I think it would be pretty obvious to everyone who has dared to love and hoped for the best.

One thing that caught my attention was the idea of compatibility.

People think that finding the one you love means that you immediately fall in sync.

Let me break it to you.


Just because you find similar things about the person you’re currently interested in, it does not mean that it’ll always be smooth sails. There will always be challenges and I think most people tend to forget this fact.

And this is why “most” including myself— would end up badly hurt in the process.

It isn’t because the other party intended to hurt us, but sometimes we just need to understand that there are limits of what we can do and can’t do.

Loving someone is a big deal.

However, the bigger picture in question is– have you LOVED yourself enough to find that LOVE you deserve?

I tell you what. I can’t fully enter a full length essay of sorts, neither will I be able to fully explain the idea that I have realized throughout the years that I have tried to love someone and failed.

So here’s my song recommendation to get you guys to understand the actual point.


If you’re interested with the lyrics, here’s one for you guys out there who need it.


Call It Quits

Here’s to all the days
And all the nights
We have spent together
Goodbye, this is the end
Forever lasted quick
No it’s never the fact that “I’m weak”
I got sick, I got tired
So many lies
You play your game so well

Baby we’re through
I used to love every part of you
I’m sorry, a part of me
Is telling me to let go

I made myself believe
That you are the epitome of perfection
I was deceived, I created a fiction
I used to stay awake all night
While singing you all those lullabies
Tonight, I sing this to you
You play your game so well
Don’t tell me that you’re sorry
‘Cause you never really cared

We’re through
I used to love every part of you
I’m sorry a part of me
Is telling me to let go
Forgive me but
I’ve given you everything
All that I could give
And I’m sorry
Let’s call it..

I should have listened to my friends
So long to all your promises
No I won’t make the same mistakes again
(don’t tell me you’re sorry ’cause you never really cared)

It’s true
I used to love every part of you
I’m sorry a part of me
Is telling me to let go
Forgive me but
I’ve given you everything
All that I could give
And I’m sorry
Let’s call it..

Let’s call it quits

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Call It Quits by VSTHEWORLD or Call it quits – VSTHEWORLD

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