Fatality by BRIDGE (random verse)

Hello, thank you for the patience. I’ve edited this for the 3rd time, merely just to clarify some points and add the audio reading. Sorry about the quality folks, just hit up the volume a bit. Hopefully it works well when you do.

Here I am, just a worthless fool
dreaming of yesterdays hopes with you
I wanted to believe in this promise
hoping that one day it would come true

I recall the day we first met and I simply said,
there you are standing out again
looking so simple yet so amazing
Yet I still wonder why I fell for you

When all you did was lie to me

but I can’t help but forgive you,
all the pain disappear,
even when I want to hate you,
coz all I wanna do is love you,

so here I stand, waiting in line wishing
fatality’s broken promise
hoping one day you’ll see me again…

with the promise to…

A second chance to love you,
A second chance to feel you,
A second chance to say,

Here’s my heart, I trust you.
Please don’t let us disappear
coz even if my hearts breaking
let’s do this again–
I love you


Published by Magsi Rover

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