Looking Back: History Convention 2017

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Welcome to part one of this post.

The first day of the week will soon be ending and the memories from  History Conventions 2017 is still fresh in my mind. Tonight, I’ve decided to re-call the experience and share it with all of you. I may not go into a lengthy explanation, but I do hope that I’ll be able to express it with the right amount of words to re-tell the amazing experience.

Now to start off with a short intro back story.

When I first saw the advertisements and shared post from my friends about last years  History Conventions 2016.  I wanted to really go but, instead– I had to settle a few major events that happened in my life.  After seeing the photos and event line-up of what I’ve missed out last year, I decided that I will make sure to go this year.

A decision and a promise that I was more than happy to have made to myself.

This year at  History Conventions 2017,  I went with my co-author and high school friend K.Ken Cua. Honestly, I don’t think it would be relevant for me to share the details of our travel to World Trade Center, so I think its only appropriate to start with the details from the actual event.

At The World Trade Center (located within Pasay City). My first impression was definitely impressed with the way how organized the whole lay-out of the convention. I mean, a few years back, I used to work with the events management team– and this is probably why my standards of a good venue set-up would be a notch higher than the local attendees. I must say this with awestruck admiration, how organized the exhibits were laid out from the outside grounds all the way inside the actual event center.

i don’t have pictures of the outside exhibits but, I can tell you this much. There were a few food trucks, bike exhibits from what I can recall. I wish I had the opportunity to check everything out that day but, a day was not enough for us to cover every nook and cranny of the venue. Regardless of the time limit we had, it was still as fantastic as ever.

here are the photos and a few descriptions of a rough detail of the events that took place at History Conventions 2017.

20768199_1873429259651293_846793983483300099_n (1)


A roughly taken photo of the map of the event venue at World Trade Center.  If I haven’t mentioned the price for the 1 day pass it was

Php 250.00


20768049_1873800506280835_4119245711798046924_n (1)

A freebie Nap Sack as a give away to the convention attendees.

Note: Manila Who’s logo type book mark is not included as part of the design. Just felt like adding it in when I took the photo for the instagram.


This post may drag a bit longer so, I’ll break this into two parts. I’ll end it here for now and post part 2 right after. I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Please do check out part of this review.

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