What it takes to Write

Two years ago, I wrote a piece about finding peace in the art of Writing–  two years since that fateful day, so much has changed within myself, everyone and everything around me.

Honestly, to see this gif. image of Bridge coming into life was all it would take for me to dream once more.

Words may never be enough to explain what I truly want to convey, but it sure is enough to at least give you a preview of what has been running through my mind. This year, there will be a load of major updates from the independent movie, comics, music and arts industry.

The local industry is slowly stepping out their games, and I would have never imagined I’d be joining the wave. I suppose, it’s because of that fateful night two weeks ago that,  I now understand what it takes for someone to write.

I haven’t updated as much as I used to– but, I’ll make sure to post the latest news as soon as I get the chance.

In the meantime, readers! Please enjoy watching Law chase Van at the back of a jeepney while he eats burger. ^_^

Published by Magsi Rover

Magsi Rover is the odd-ball who aspires to write, sketch and travel the world.

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