Artist Spotlight: Ian Dominic Alejo

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I’m hoping that all is well for all of you and that you’re all in still fighting to live everyday. Today’s post will be one for the creative minds, although you don’t really have to be a creative mind to fully appreciate this feature.

I think it’ll inspire you in other ways possible.


Wondering who this dashing young man in the photo? His name is Ian Dominic Alejo aspiring to be a Visual Graphic Artist here in the Philippines. I met Ian a few days ago, through a Facebook Group called  GUHIT Pinas

What captured my attention was his recent shared post about his latest DIY ROOM design— the eye-catching comic style room was enough to motivate me to write about him and his work.

Luckily, he was online and here’s how my short interview about him.


Magsi:  Hi Ian, Thanks for granting me my request to interview you on a short notice! Would you mind sharing a bit about yourself to my readers? 

Ian:  I’m Ian Dominic Alejo and I’m a former college instructor in Visual Graphic Design.

Magsi: Wow! You were a college instructor! But, I saw your photo on facebook and I thought you were in a band. Can you tell us more about your hobbies?

Ian: I like playing instruments such as guitar drums, flute, creating animation,Designing images in Photoshop and illustrator. When I have the time I’m also fond of creating my own comics. I can also do traditional drawing and to gather inspiration I also love watching anime or Play computer games!! [Laughs]

Magsi: Amazing! I think most creatives in the field, including myself — pretty much do the same sort of things! Well, then. I know you’re busy but would you mind sharing some tips to your fellow creative artist?


Original Tagalog Reply: sa tingin ko, since marami sating mga pilipino ang aspiring artist and they want to start but sometimes they think that their potential is still not enough in order for them to proceed, just try it, wag mong hayaang ma urge ka ng mga tao sa paligid mo na itigil mo na yan kase hindi ka uunlad, just don’t mind them, ganyan din ako nung nagsisimula, back when i was a kid na nagddrawing ng ultraman sa likod ng kalendaryo. just move forward, marami kase akong nakikita na nagpopost anywhere about sa gawa nilang art na nilalait pero in fact, these people deserve to learn and to rise.

(Ian’s Reply in English Translation): I think, since there are a lot of Filipino aspiring artist who would like to start their own brand of art but later give up in the process because they don’t know how to start. My advice is to Just try it! Don’t let others coax you into giving up. What others think about you is none of their business. They’re not the ones who will be in the field you aspire to become. Just go do your thing.   

Original Tagalog Reply:  saka tips ko sa paggawa ng art: in creating some art works, start from the creating concept layout, although some artist are creating their artwork straight to it without actually creating a sample, pero para sa mga starting palang, mas mabuti na wag agad mag jump sa final art,

(Ian’s Reply in English Translation):  Also, my tip for beginners. Start with visualizing and creating your own layout, even though there are other artist out there who would just go and whip up their artworks without planning them through. I think based from my experience, it pays well to do research and learn what you can in terms of creating your own piece of art.

Magsi:  Wow, thank you Ian! It was great having you here. I’m sure my readers and to anyone who will stumble upon this feature would love to hear more about you in the future.


Well, there you have it folks!

My short interview with Ian Dominic Alejo. On my next post, I’ll be posting it up at My Trending Stories about  the said DIY ROOM DESIGN including a few pointers. Please do click the link to see the article.

Thanks for dropping by and hope you guys had fun reading this!


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