On Notes about: Creative Pursuits

“Practice makes perfect.” 

A painfully annoying quote to read–

I don’t think it should be noted at all. Then again, I suppose this is just me thinking way too far into the context.

However, if you would stop for a minute and think about why I would consider it to be immensely disgusting is because– not everyone will ever be able to interpret it the way it should be understood.

The phrase itself can be used to inspire but, it can also be misinterpreted in many ways possible–

I think it should be…



I know, I know– it must have sounded less poetic but, hear me out. In my own opinion, I believe that this world where we live in, it does not revolve around perfection. I feel strongly about the idea of imperfections as beautiful.

The world may not be perfect, which makes everyone and everything flawed and yet, interesting all the same.

In my journey as one of the many creative individuals in this utterly downtrodden world– I’ve grown to realize that there are many ways to present ART.

The idea of expressing your passion does not come through the perfect outlines of the human anatomy,  but more into the idea of creating master pieces that speaks to those who seek what is lacking in their lives. The idea to inspire those who are lost, and stand as the sign of inspiration to anyone who wishes to become someone who is capable of expressing their desire to live and leave a legacy in this world.


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My logic or views regarding this matter may not sync with everyone here– but, I do believe that when you start to vision a future in which you feel most comfortable of living– you’ll definitely find yourself in it sooner or later.

All you needed to do is to actually TRUST YOURSELF.

I think its one of the most significant key points in the lives of those who aspire to create things that come from our deepest desires of imagination.

I won’t keep this post long. I just wanted to share one of my musings, and I believe I’ve done a fairly convincing statement. Don’t you think?

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