On notes about Progress: Basic Writing Goals

 The Writer’s Workout: 366 Tips, Tasks, & Techniques From Your Writing Career Coach   written by:  Christina Katz

About Writing:

To be brutally honest, writing was NOT my first love. It was just something I did because it was necessary in school.  I paid no attention on how to properly construct my sentences, nor think about how I laid out my thoughts– be it virtually or traditionally written. However, it seemed like writing kept paving its way into my life. At one point, if I just try to remember– somewhere in my first year of high school, I met two people who loved words as much as they loved food.

At first, I couldn’t even begin to imagine their fondness in writing. I suppose, it was only that one time, where one of them urged me to write at least two poems for the school literary portfolio that I gave it a shot. Now, you might think that I became addicted to writing right after that event. However,  it wasn’t exactly the case. Honestly, it took me years before I finally decided to practice the art of writing. I suppose, it was one of those instances where a person finds themselves utterly lost in reality and despair that I finally allowed myself to immerse my emotions into words.

Thinking about my experience since July 4, 2015– there has been a lot of things that I’ve began to realize since the day I decided to take up the challenge. I could share my experience with you, then again I suppose that would just deviate from the original topic that I need to share. So, I’ll wrap this part of my introduction and carry on with my actual agenda.

There is a ton of backlogs and projects that are currently piling up as I type this entry. Sometimes, I feel blessed and other times, I feel cursed. It’s crazy to think about these things on my own but, I do know that this is something that will benefit me and the people whom I’ll be working with in the future. Thus, I keep on pressing forward regardless of the mishaps, detours and anxieties that I feel deep down. The Book I’m featuring is what I’m currently using to learn everything I can about writing– so, if you’ve noticed the slow and yet, gradual change in the way I present to you my daily or monthly post. I thank you for understanding and encouraging me to write. I thought about sharing this book simply because, I know that there are many of you out there in the world who wish they knew what they were truly passionate about.  One of which is writing in its form of skill and talent.

While my words are still indeed a far cry from a perfectly written structure to be called an article of sorts, still I want to contribute into that small percentage of people who wish to share how they pave their way into the writing industry.

If you’ve read all the way up till this point, please allow me to express my thanks by sharing to you a direct amazon link on where you can purchase this book. If ever you’re interested or have been looking for something with more structure.

Once again, Thank you and here’s the Purchase Link via Amazon for you! 🙂

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