Bridge Comic Book Series

Time for the big project reveal! I’ve been on and off for a few days now– but I’ve posted a couple of awesome teasers already including a snap-chat type video in my instagram account as well as tweets via twitter! Today however– it’s definitely something even more concrete of an announcement. Although, I may still not beContinue reading “Bridge Comic Book Series”

On notes about: Early Morning Musings

No pictures or images to add– this is just me sharing something on a whim. I thought of adding something to spice up the update but then decided to focus on what I truly wanted to share as of this moment. After ending a short cliff-hanger on that novel version of the story and wrappingContinue reading “On notes about: Early Morning Musings”

Pandora’s Project: Lightning confessions

 Hi Guys! I hope all is well with all of you. I seem to have developed the habit of asking my readers this question and the only purpose of it is to make sure you’re able to still cope. If you feel a bit lost or bored, then you just got here in time. Today,Continue reading “Pandora’s Project: Lightning confessions”

Artist Spotlight: Ian Dominic Alejo

Heya folks! I’m hoping that all is well for all of you and that you’re all in still fighting to live everyday. Today’s post will be one for the creative minds, although you don’t really have to be a creative mind to fully appreciate this feature. I think it’ll inspire you in other ways possible.Continue reading “Artist Spotlight: Ian Dominic Alejo”