On Notes about: Building web content

On Notes about: Building web content

     Starting off from scratch in the world of blogging can be a pretty-difficult task at first, but in my opinion, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to start over.  It’s not really about being overly optimistic, but more-like the practical way wherein you’ve lost everything you’ve ever build for years. Whatever the reasons were for your contents to be lost (or worst deleted by mistake, which is a pretty-common mistake for most people) I think as long as you know what you want to write about or share with your readers, everything will come naturally flowing in your mind.

     Today, I felt like sharing my first time blogging. So, I’m really hoping to do a better job of rambling my thoughts away and not scare people with my badly written post. Grammar has always been a struggle for me, since I tend to speak better English rather than written. No matter,  I’ll still do my best to share my experience.

About Blogging for the first time:

  When I first started blogging back in 2005, I only knew three major websites. These were myspace, blogspot and friendster. I think back then, I really didn’t know much about writing. I rambled more than thinking about what I was saying which maybe because I was only in my early teens. Honestly, my memory nowadays are now a tad bit hazy– vague to be exact. I can’t seem to recall a full swing of how I used to blog however, I can fondly recall how I used to design my blogs, looking back– sometimes I find myself cringing at the thought of how childish or flashy my previous works were. Then again, those were my little efforts to connect to the world.

It was fun and interesting to be one of the first million people to be socially present online. I think, there is a bit of a pride in how much time I spent online more than in the real world and yet, just because I was online most of the time regardless of whether I had a personal computer at home or rented one at a local computer shop. I still didn’t know what I wanted to share with my blog.

There were a mash of things I wanted to write and share about but, I never managed to settle for a specific topic, in the end I ended up writing about various things instead.

here’s how I got started:

  • At first, I started sharing my top favorite anime series.
  • the next, I rambled about my thoughts and journey through the real world. Although, I think looking back, I must have hid myself from the world under several infamous pen-names which I’m happy to no longer recall as of today.
  • Then later wrote my own stories and fanfictions before hopping over to Youtube and became a lurker online.

After sometime, I stopped blogging altogether began to socialize online instead. I participated in anime forums more than writing.

A few years later, I found myself back to blogging, since it was practically one of the requirements in my class.  However, even then– I still felt uneasy with the way I write or the way build my blog. I mean, everyday there is always someone new in the community and they always seem to bring the best topics more than I would ever be able to share. Hopping from one blog up to another, there are a million people online who are more capable of building engaging web content and amazing looking blogs.

it can be scary to feel inferior this way.

the thought of never being able to create or share something original.

then one day– I finally realized something.

I know it should have occurred to me as an obvious fact. However, my mind didn’t operate the same way like the rest of the people around me. Trauma can do that to you– hold you back in many ways possible, though, I’m not here to share about this particular topic just yet– but rather, I wanted to say this instead:

Blogging is about building your own private space online. It should be about the things you love and are interested in. I think, it’s a wonderful way to express how you feel about society and the things that you are concerned or care about. It doesn’t have to be a major topic which everyone talks online and offline. Sometimes, the headlines you post in your own private space tells more about what really matters to you rather than what matters to the world.

I’m wrapping this incredibly boring journal post now. I hope you guys had fun reading, until next time!

love, Mags.

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