Fukumenkei Noise: Episode 11 Review

Fukumenkei Noise: Episode 11 Review

About Fukumenkei Noise

         Originally I was planning on writing a full episode guide for Fukumenkei Noise that I wrote about last April to help boost its promotions, however I felt that there was so much workload involving analyzing the story from the characters point of view, that I decided to scrape off the idea temporarily. Today, I will be posting a review of Episode 11 instead. Hopefully this will help you into further understanding the story of Fukumenkei Noise and how it differs from the Manga vs the TV anime series.

Warning:  There might be Spoilers ahead, so if you’re already a fan of the anime series and have not yet read the manga. Please refrain from reading further. However, if you’re curious about the analysis, please do carry on and enjoy the read.


      The latest episode update of Fukumenkei Noise picks up from Yuzu’s perspective after his conversation with Nino. Here we see Yuzu, Haruyoshi and Kuro at the store checking out their album release. In the show we hear Yuzu reveal Nino’s favor about writing the lyrics for his song with Haruyoshi and Kuro. Yuzu confides to Kuro and Haruyoshi about his feelings of uncertainty regarding Nino writing the lyrics, but then later admits to the possibility of unlocking her full potential as the lead vocals for In No Hurry, after Haruyoshi states that Nino can’t be contained too long in the cage that Yuzu has built for her. Later in the series we then see Nino struggle in composing the lyrics for Yuzu’s song, and states that Lyricist must be masochist to write and pour their feelings in their words. However, it was only then Nino realizes after in deep contemplation about how Yuzu usually writes his songs that it made sense to her.

On the eve before their performance for ROCK HORIZON, Nino then proposes to practice their new song and tells the group that she was able to write the lyrics. Yuzu is seen indifferent at first, believing that Nino will only write a song about Momo. He is later left speechless after Nino begins to sing the first few stanzas of the lyrics. Yuzu realizes that Nino wrote the lyrics about him.  After their practice, Yuzu then asked Nino about why she wrote the lyrics, Nino then replies that they were somewhat similar in the way they feel about liking someone special beyond reach.


On the day of In No Hurry to shout’s debut performance at ROCK HORIZON we then see the band gathered in front of their assigned stage. Here we see Nino fully dressed in their costumes while she reviews their song line up. While looking over the list, Momo then appears and asked Nino to lend him her head for a bit, and then later tells her that he won’t be leaving this time around without saying goodbye. Nino is shaken by this sudden gesture and is torn apart from wanting to chase Momo but later realizes that she’s no longer fighting alone, when Yuzu, Haruyoshi and Kuro calls her for their set. Nino then walks pass by them and states that she will sing.

Yuzu notices Nino’s sudden change of attitude and warns Haruyoshi and Kuro to prepare because Nino will definitely go crazy for the performance. The band then proceeds for set-up and as they waited in anticipation for Nino to begin, they found themselves in shock of the sudden change in the set list. Yuzu, Haruyoshi and Kuro quickly catch up in performance and later as in seen in the episode enters their inner monologues that their all prepared to match up with Nino at this point.

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In hindsight, there is more to the story than meets the eye. If you’re new to Fukumenkei Noise fandom or not, at this point it doesn’t really matter at all. Perhaps the music alone and performance for this latest episode might have been enough to reel you in to the finish. However, if you would like to gain a better understanding of the characters development then, I would strongly suggest that you read the manga first. While it seems that the anime series has finally revealed as to how much it has deviated from the original story, there is no denying that the latest music releases for this franchise is showing great promise towards Japanese music enthusiast like me. The animation itself may not seem as superb like all the new releases of Japanese animation recently, but it certainly has its own charm, especially if you’re a vocaloid fan in that sense. Nino emits a vibe of a Hatsune Miku like version as she sings on stage in this latest episode.

Fukumenkei Noise and how it differs from the Manga vs the TV anime series:

I’m not really planning on explaining everything into great detail. However, I would definitely like to point out the major changes that was made as to where the manga and anime series deviates from the story.

  • In the Manga prior to the events of ROCK HORIZON both Bands of  SILENT BLACK KITTY (Momo’s Band) and In No Hurry to Shout (Yuzu and Nino’s Band) in Chapter 23 were called to guest for a special live radio session. The two bands equally received an opportunity to promote their upcoming album releases and we see a little bit of interaction between Momo and Nino live on air. This part was not added in the anime adaptation, instead the scene was changed into a Live TV interview via Music King.
  • After the Live TV interview, Haruyoshi then suggest to Yana and the Band to let Nino sing and play the guitar. He states in the series that it would be a great plus to add-on their overall band performance.
  • After the radio session, in the manga we get to read more about Nino and Yuzu’s thoughts, whilst in the anime we can only see either Yuzu or Nino’s point of view during their interactions. We don’t get to hear them often and the anime series paces differs greatly from the original story.
  • In truth Episodes 10 and 11 is a summarized event of Chapters 23 up till Chapter 27.

Disclaimer: All images of the English Manga Scanslations belong to their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended.

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After taking time into closer review analysis, all I can say is that regardless of the changes made in the anime adaptation, I’ve somehow come into an understanding about why certain scenes/events were scraped off in order to cater the story in the animation. Some parts may be indeed better left off in the manga and other parts were actually suitable for the animation. While this is my personal opinion regarding the latter. I do hope you enjoyed reading this review! Cheers!



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