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Tough times ahead for all of us, but it doesn’t mean we can’t struggle and find happiness.

I’ve been following the news and the thought of war breaking and other things that may possibly happen. But, I’m not here to talk about these things. I don’t want to spread fear over concerning matters, and it doesn’t mean I don’t care. However, dwelling into these issues will only make someone’s mental health plummet into the abyss of despair. I want to be part of a society who will encourage young dreamers to fight for their dreams,  and inspire people who need it, especially in this troubled times we’re in.

So! let me just get back into business and tell you guys what’s currently up with me and my mundane adventures in this realm of crazy.

Last February 20, I posted an update about:

What’s Next after Gpicks?

Right now, if you think that I’m here to tell you that it’s all done, frankly speaking. No. It’s only the beginning of a long and yet, interesting journey. Although, I’m still nowhere near my goal and there had been a couple of hiccups along the way. I’ve battled procrastination and did my best to balance my life altogether.  Today, I’m here to share about my progress.

BLOG GUIDE: On Notes about recent changes

2017-06-21 (1)

Back then, I used to download or borrow free wallpaper images via google for my website banner. This year, I’ve decided to make use of my collection of my previous android and professional camera works. I take pride in my little shots, even if it’s nowhere near perfect. I believe that this is one way of expressing my efforts to keep it personal. Although the Menu tab may still be a tad bit confusing, and I’m really working my best to make sure I get the proper links right. I have to admit that because of my previous contents back in the day, every tag and category I’ve ever entered has been a complete mess. The good news is, I’ve somehow rectified the problem and now it is somewhat close to presentable, regardless of this fact– I’ll still be updating it as soon as I learn how to properly tag my categories without being redundant about certain topics. In the meantime, please do bear with me as I keep going through the changes.



 To make it much easier for everyone, I’ve added the archives drop down menu. I don’t think there is much for me to explain on how to use it. I’ve chosen this widget to make the blog less cramped with text. Hopefully it works well, since the menu tab still needs a load of work and time to re-organized.




gif emotions

 It maybe a futile attempt to add a bit of humor but, I just wanted something animated attached on my blog. Although, it may feel a bit distracting or disorienting to some, hopefully it’s not as distracting as the whole content of my website. I still do have this childish approach towards website design but, hey! what can I say? I sort of like the touch it gives, when you look at the gif trying to battle sleep.


soundcloudI’ve been planning to do podcast for nearly a decade now, and each time I tried. I always ended up erasing the contents. I suppose, it was because I didn’t really know what to talk about or where to focus on. Recently, I stumbled upon unbolt.me and I noticed one of their challenges were about Poetry. It all started when I was trying to find sources of inspiration to press forward with my projects and wallah! I found their  Choose Your Challenge! section and decided to look into it.  I found one about Read Our Poetry Loud Challenge and thought of giving it a shot. Incidentally,  I found myself  the moment I began reading their poems. This is why, I’ve decided to attach my poetry reading track from Soundcloud. Since then, I’ve been experimenting with excerpt reading and even reading my own poetry! If ever you’re curious. Please don’t hesitate to click, listen and leave me a feedback or two.  Also, if ever you’re curious about unbolt.me, please do check them out. I’ve attached the links to their page and challenges in this article post for easier access. They have amazing content and you’ll definitely find yourself visiting more often than you originally intended.



 I know I could have just attached a widget but,  there are days that I’m not online or posting updated blog post. Sometimes, I do schedule my entries for whenever I leave the comforts of my homebase, and sometimes I would update via twitter post instead. So, if you’re ever wondering where I am or which social network I’ve been currently lurking in. Sometimes, I post my real time activities view twitter or post update promotions from my co-authors there. I didn’t really want to create an event widget of sort, so this will have to do for the meantime. If you have twitter, follow me back or feel free to tweet me back your thoughts. Who know’s! I might be online and might respond right away!


 I’m terribly sorry if this post sort of went into a mass of text. Hopefully you guys are still enjoying reading until the very end.  It’s actually painfully obvious that I read since, i do write. However, I felt that there was a need for me to share the books that I’m reading and where I write my book reviews. I’ve decided to not feature them in this blog anymore. I will however, still plan to feature authors. So, I suppose, if you’re looking for my book reviews and recommendations. Please do check out my Goodreads account for both my books, reading and recommendations. I will highly appreciate you dropping by!



Did I ever mention that I love taking pictures? I do try not to bombard people with selfies since, there are a bucket load of interesting things to take pictures about. I also journal my personal thoughts in some images and share short musings there too. If you have an instagram account and would like to see what I’ve been up to in terms of art, photography or events. Well, I think this direct link to my instagram account would easier for everyone to look into and follow me there. I’ve set the settings for public and I’d love to see your feeds too!



Hooray! You made it!

Thank you for taking time to read this incredibly long post. Now that you’re at the end. Here are just the basics.

I’ve included a creative commons widget for copyright assurance. This is to ensure that my writing (although nowhere near perfect) yet,  will still be protected. I’ve included blog stat hits, its where you guys can see how many people visit my page. Personally, I love the # 13, so I’m pretty happy with the current number of hits. If it reaches to 23k then, I’d also be throwing confetti all over the place. I’ve attached the tags and my community widgets altogether.  So far, so good! this is all I have right now for all of you. Cheers and have a great day ahead of you always!

whoever you are.

wherever you are.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!





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