Excerpt reading: Prince of Kairos

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Thank you for dropping by today.  It is always a pleasure to see someone visiting my private space online, and it thrills me to no end whenever I see your feedbacks about the things I write and share.

I’ll be posting updates for all of you to read through later, but before anything else. I thought about sharing this to you guys.

Recently,  I’ve taken a liking to audio recording poetry, and began to upload it via Soundcloud. So far, I’ve been receiving fantastic reviews. I’m glad that its working well however, I’m still a newbie at this biz. So, I decided to experiment on my own. I wanted to know how far I can go through my reading.  So, I’ve decided to record my first audio podcast about one of my favorite manga and anime series which I’ve been following closely. Shortly after,  I then decided to read an excerpt from my prologue story from the anthology I participated last year entitled Prince of Kairos.

Short Story Blurb:

When a prince falls for a princess the whole world stops to listen to their stories unfold, however what happens when the usual stories don’t begin the same. Princess Aria from the Kingdom of Sky was a well-known beauty and yet, her talents not known to many were nothing like the entire princess in the land. The princess herself enjoyed what many princes would enjoy.

Will the Prince of Kairos be able to tame the elegant and dazzling Aria despite her mercurial personality?





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