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Thanks for dropping by and checking up on my latest update.

The last entry in my Velvet Valentine Progress Journal for editing was dated  February 13 of this year. I supposed you could say, I’ve ended up in some sort of dark void. A void we’re all familiar about–

the dreaded writer’s block. Honestly, I don’t think it’s really that sort of writer’s block, where I don’t know where I want my story to progress. I think it’s the type where I simply can’t decide on how to rebuild the world of my main protagonist. I mean, re-thinking the story throughout really did gave me this depth of understanding, on how I want things to appear in my story as a novel in general. However, one minor set-back made it difficult for me to progress was creating a structured environment for the said character. While it is true that I’ve released the first version of the story via #BUQO, which was a local ePublication here in the Philippines.

The international release for the stand alone novel is still in-progress, and as much as I would want to rush into things. I simply just couldn’t rewrite or edit the whole story without being considerate about the world I’ve built the novel about, so I took advice from a friend.

Taking a few months off from the novel before getting back to it.

After four Months long, I’m now back on track. I  realized one factor missing in my process and this is what I decided to do. The thing is– I focused on the standard process of writing, editing and revision process far too long that I’ve forgotten my own trademark.  What I did was not actually scrape off but add, instead of trying to force myself to rewrite or re-arrange everything back to the beginning until it reaches to a point where my readers would be able to understand the general gist of the story from the first half. I’ve decided to convert some of the parts of the series into either a short graphic novel.

I’ve research for comic script samples and was also watching this anime series titled Fate/Stay Night for inspiration.

If you look into the screenshot closely, you’ll see Fate/Stay Night at the right bottom part of it.



then again. I’m not really here to reveal what I’ve been doing thus far. So, I decided to include a roughly drawn and drafted comic panel of sorts here. It’s not the final thing, just to avoid the confusion. It’s actually just me playing around with the idea of how to approach the story. Surprisingly, I somehow managed to pick up my pace and ended up working on overtime for this.


If you’re interested with the book reference behind the drawing. Please do check out my instagram feeds or you can also send me a private message to know more about the illustration book I’m using. Who knows, it might be something you’d be interested in.

Welp! This is all for now. Once again, thank you for taking the time to read from this terribly written blog update. 😀

Adieu everyone~ goodnight! *plops and snores to sleep*

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