Akatsuki no Yona: The Shield and Sword Prophecy Theory

Akatsuki no Yona: The Shield and Sword Prophecy Theory

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My name’s Magsi Rover and I’m here to talk about Akatsuki No Yona The Manga and Anime Series. Today’s topic focus is about the Prophecy and few theories about Akatsuki no Yona that have been discussed amongst fans, but before anything else, let me just share a few useful information about Akatsuki No Yona to those who don’t know about the manga and anime just yet.

English Title : Yona of the Dawn  Written by Mizuho Kusanagi

Genre:  Action, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Reverse Harem


  • The story follows the redemption of Yona, the sole princess to the kingdom of Kouka. Yona lives the carefree life of a princess in Hiryuu castle, being sheltered by her pacifistic father, King Il, and protected by her bodyguard and childhood friend Son Hak.A few days before her birthday, Yona finds herself in a disagreement with her father about desire to marry Soo-Won who is also her childhood friend.
  • On the day of her birthday her sixteenth birthday, Soo-won,  comes to pay tribute to her and remarks about how he loves her hair. Yona is touched by Soo-wons words and later decides to speak to her father once more.
  • Intending to tell her father that she cannot forget her love for Soo-won, she visits King Il’s chambers and witnesses him being killed by Soo-won, who reveals that he will now properly rule Kouka.
    Hak intervenes and saves Yona and they escape from the castle to Hak’s birthplace, the Village of Wind. Under the suggestion of Hak’s grandfather Son Mundok, Yona and Hak search for an oracle named Ik-su.
  • Ik-su tells them the legend of the first king of Kouka, Hiryuu, and the four dragons who unified the kingdom. Yona and Hak, joined by Ik-su’s assistant Yoon, begin a journey to find the descendants of the legendary Four Dragons in order to survive and save the Kingdom of Kouka.


The Prophecy

“Darkness has fallen upon the land.The blood of the dragons will revive once again, and the ancient pact will be kept.
When the four dragons are gathered,the sword and shield which will protect the king shall awaken,and the Red Dragon shall restore the dawn at last.”

The prophecy foretells the future of the Kouka Kingdom and its princess, Yona. This is conveyed by Ik-Soo when Yona visits him after she and Hak are chased out from the Hiryuu Castle.

The fan theories:

  • Hiryuu’s re-incarnation may be both Soo-won and Yona. This theory was based from Ki-ja’s remark while in conversation with Shi-ha about Soo-won’s character.however, this is a bit of grey area to even consider given that King Hiryuu himself was depicted as a normal human being and not as a magician or heavenly body who possesses any magical power of sorts.If you think about it further, Yona’s character embodiesthe former king hiryuu himself.
    So, I don’t think there is much to talk about this matter. The Prophecy also talks about The Sword and Shield. This is the part where I want to focus in this discussion.


  • In both the anime and manga after Yona gathers all the dragon warriors, they go back to Ik-Soo to ask about the sword and shield. However, the priest tells them that the sword and shield needs time before appearing.


  • some fans speculate that it is possible that the “sword” may be literal, as there are multiple panels of Yona holding a sword with a unique hilt that only appear in the first few of pages of the manga. This seems to reference a future event that has not yet occurred. However, it is later revealed in Chapter 65 titled The beginning of the Fire Festival. Here Yona holds a sword instead of a fan as she graces the audience with her dance for the Festival.Somehow, I can’t help but think that isn’t exactly the case. The Prophecy and plot of the story does not mention of any ancient relic of sorts. The only relic that was ever discussed was the gold medal to which King Hiryuu himself bestowed upon as a gift and sign of love towards Zeno upon learning of his true power.

My Theory:  

  • Why Su-Won would Possibly be the Shield:

In episode 23 of the anime series, Su-won covers for Yona before his together with General Ju-Doh could catch a glimpse of her. this might be a spoiler to those who haven’t watched or read the manga yet, so if you haven’t seen or read Akatsuki No Yona, I’d say close the window of this post now.

  • Why Hak would be the Sword:

Since their miraculous escape from the Castle, Hak has always been there protecting Yona. It is possible that he is not just the Dark Dragon that Ki-ja has dubbed him alone but something more.
Of course, the roles could also be reversed.Su-won’s wit and flippant behavior towards Yona can also be considered as part of his character as the Sword and in reverse Hak becomes the shield where his role has always been the protector and guardian of Yona.

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