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I got way too many backlogs but, I don’t think it’s a problem anymore. I think it just shows that there are a whole lot of things that I want to write about that matters. However, as much as I would like to feature all of them, sometimes time makes a way that the ones that do count will really be posted — and those that don’t will never be up here.

Now to get things started. Shall we?

Maria Criselda Santos
The Lipstick Geek is a local blog run by Maria Criselda Santos, author of The Lolita Chronicles comic series. The blog covers mainly books and literature, but it also pokes fun at random musings and everyday nuances. As much as possible she resists blogging about her cats, but that can be negotiated.

Okay, now that you have a brief introduction about  who the featured  blogger is–

Let me just go ahead and share to you guys the process on the basic web design that I’ve done for her blog overhaul.

Basically, I didn’t have to do much coding. The blog is currently under free hosting via WordPress. All I needed was to create a concept for the person who owns the blog. Admittedly, I could have done so much more but then I decided to tone it down a little. I think I made the right choice. It is and would still be a work in progress in the future.

The Lipstick Geek is a good friend of mine and knowing what she likes helped me a whole lot onto building the design of her blog for her. I took the time and created a feature logo for her blog and it was all thanks to

To those who don’t know the site, I’ll probably write a feature article about them soon but for now, first things first.


The Lipstick Geek’s logo:  The design is pretty simple. I incorporated a rough wallpaper type background and grabbed a free silhouette online via google.

The font style has its semi-sassy-classic sophisticated vibe. If you’re curious about the font style for the word “The Lipstick” it’s “Selima Font” and for the word “Geek” it’s “Montserrat light

Maria Criselda Santos

As for the banner of the blog, here’s where I found it fun to do, since I like how her name flows through the font style. It fits her perfectly to be honest, since the font style is actually called “Parisienne Font” which means Parisian Font. Incidentally she has this love for Victorian period and paris itself.  While her tag line font style is “CINZEL FONT”.


Now that the logo and banner has been extracted to a feature, let’s move on to the layout of the page.

here, I decided to compliment the font styles with the color hues of flesh-like pink with gold patterned background to achieve the balance. It took awhile for me to fit everything together where it would not clash or overlap their purpose. So far, I’m pleased of the outcome of the whole design.

Meanwhile, adding the important widgets was also a bit of a challenge. Since,  I had to make sure that they will  not clash on the written text articles that were posted, while still making sure that they are visible enough to see updates from the readers.



Through the whole front page, I attached her twitter, Goodreads and Facebook page. I’ve also included a search engine for easier article navigation and a drop down menu for anyone who are looking for specific months of her article post and at the top right corner is her social media sites, logo and at the bottom part are the article tags that she often uses for her article post, blog stats added with a calendar to match professional vibe of her articles.

OverallThe Lipstick Geek’s  soft-pastel tones of her website can now can be formally stated as armed, sassy and locked ready for her latest updates to post.

Note: If you’re curious to know more about her. I’ll be writing her author feature soon and will post it via My Trending Stories site. So please stay tuned and hope you guys learned a thing or two about how I customize web pages even when it’s free.

On notes from the sidelines, always remember that web pages are best when they’re all harmonious and soft on the eyes. Less crowded and it will serve it’s purpose.

Please do leave me a comment if you got ideas, suggestions or would like me to work on your blog-layouts. I do both paid domains and free domains. 😀

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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