On track: Lego Big Morl

Lego Big Morl is a Japanese Rock Band from Osaka made up of four men.

  • Takehiro Kanata (On Vocals, Guitar)
  • Hiroki Tanaka (Guitar)
  • Hiro Asakawa (Drums)
  • Shintarou Yamamoto (Bass)
Note: if you want to know more about the band, please click on the link provided for more detailed info. I’ve attached a sample MTV of their song here. Hopefully you guys would like it as much as I did too. 🙂

Personal Notes:

Lego Big Morl is a Japanese Rock band that I’ve just recently discovered on youtube and although there is still a whole album from them that I am yet to discover,these are the few songs that I’ve just fallen in-love with.

Blue Birds Story in particular would probably be one of those songs that I’ve just decided to include in my forever Playlist track. 

(If you’re curious what this track collection is all about, relax guys I’ll reveal it to you all before the year ends.)

I would probably be writing a music review about them in the future. Right now, there isn’t much for me to say since I’ve just begun to listen to them. However, what I can say so far is, their 2015 music style is definitely a good way to start to listen to their track list.

I’m still new to writing music reviews. This would probably be one of the few things that I’ve decided to rekindle apart from my painting styles. Right now, I just want to enjoy life and share to all of you guys these amazing songs that I’ve been discovering. Hopefully, it brightens up your days as I strive to give back to the country and culture who has given me so much to hope for the future not just as an author but as an artist.

Cheers and enjoy listening to their songs everyone! 🙂

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