Art Practice: On notes using Acrylic


A late post update.

After a long Tuesday morning, I decided to reward myself with a couple of Art Materials before hitting the gym.  The items displayed are from #NationalBookstore and one item from a hardware store.

Here are the materials I purchased as follows:

  • Acrylic Colour Sketch Book
  • A 14 x16 Canvas
  •  Sherlux All Purpose Spray Paint Acrylic Lacquer

On notes:

    Recently, I’ve decided to rekindle my love for the arts, since my writing muse is currently on a temporary hiatus. I figured it was only practical that I share an entry of sorts here because of the amount of time, effort and extensive research that I’ve been doing lately just to make my artworks especially using a medium such as Acrylic Paint

If you’re not familiar with the medium, just click on the link I provided for easier definition access.

Now, I would have loved to post some art tutorials in the future however I feel that my skills aren’t as good as most people think. But, I do plan on doing one soon. Acrylic Paint is one of the trickiest mediums I’ve used thus far, since the paint itself dries quickly it doesn’t allow me the time to blend without knowing the outcome that I want my artwork to come out. I think that it is mostly a series of trial and error.


 If you’re curious as to why I decided to entertain the painter/artist in me, I’ll probably take time to share it to you  somewhere down the lane. Right now, here is the character that I’ve decided to take in as my muse for this particular piece. If you’re not familiar with him, let me just introduce you to one of my all time favorite male leading characters, Edward Elric from the famous Manga and Japanese animation titled Fullmetal Alchemist created by Hiromu Arakawa.

I chose this particular artwork of the series because of the light details and the simplicity of the character. (Well, technically I didn’t pick the one where his automail would show, maybe somewhere in future but for now. I picked one of this simplest image as my reference.)

Please note that this wasn’t the original image. I couldn’t find the one I used, however I suppose this would do enough as part of this entry.


This is how the drafted work looked like. On notes for the sketch, I’m nowhere near perfect when it comes to drawing dimensions or perspectives. So please do excuse the rough sketch for a bit. This is how my art style has evolved throughout the years, and I believe that we should try to appreciate our little triumphs every once in awhile. Using acrylic has been a challenge but there were also a lot of things that I’ve learned as I was using this particular medium. I’ve learned through application that there are points where you can still navigate the colors towards the direction you want the color to surface, and there are little mishaps that turn out to be good results when it comes to mixing particular colors. 17918164_1803897473271139_679141653_n

I think what I’ve enjoyed the most with this result was how the gloves turned out. Although there were a lot of faults in this, and I couldn’t simply let it go without the fine lining the whole piece. It was one of the best works that I could literally make, considering the fact that I don’t normally draw or paint male characters often.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read. If you got questions, suggestions or tips for me on how I can improve my artworks in the future. Please do drop me a comment or a message right here.

Cheers and have a great day ahead of you!

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